Vanderpump Rules chronicles lives and loves of the very lucky employees of SUR, but why can they never get along?

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will know that all of the stars of the show seem to want to be the one being followed by the rest of the cast. 

Said cliques always seem to have someone else vying for the power to be at the top of the pack. 

It’s similar to the way Mean Girls played out. You had Regina George at the top of the food chain, before being knocked down a few pegs. 

It’s tiring to keep up with the ever changing dynamics among one of the hottest reality TV casts in the history of reality TV. 

Scroll down for some examples of when the hit Bravo series was like Mean Girls. 

1. Stassi Hates On Scheana’s Wedding Dress

Stassi hates not being the center of attention, so you can only imagine her rage when her sworn nemesis Scheana was getting married. Yes, it was a crop top wedding dress and no matter what anyone says, it was AMAZING. Stassi, on the other hand, is just Regina George.

2. Sandoval Cries About…

Sandoval always seems to get emotional at the reunion episodes. He lays out all of the facts in such a condescending manner that it makes us wonder why someone has not lunged at him. Yeah, he would fit into North Shore High School.

3. Katie HATES Lala Kent

Katie and Lala are not friends. The pair have been horrible to each other throughout the series, but Katie was a complete bitch to Lala when Lala tried to apologize for her behavior. Instead, Katie opted to call Lala out for allegedly sleeping with a married man. These arguments are definitely petty. Is there even any proof about who Lala’s sharing a bed with? Umm, no.

4. Spreading Like Wildfire

Rumors spread like wildfire in SUR… much like they did in Mean Girls. These two chefs laughing about Kristen being given the pink slip was EVERYTHING.

5. Stassi vs. Scheana

Stassi pretty much hated Scheana from the get-go because she was the new girl at SUR. Stassi would not let her forget the fact that she was boning Eddie Cibrian. Even though they make up every few months, Stassi always has some sort of resentment towards Scheana. It’s almost like she thinks Scheana can dethrone her and take her friends away. Plot twist: Stassi’s bad attitude sent her friends Scheana’s way without the help of Scheana.

6. We PICK Your Friends!

When Scheana decided to stick by Katie in her pursuit against Lala, Katie seemed to think Scheana was friends with Lala. This paved the way for some pathetic scenes that shows Katie, Stassi and Kristen giving Scheana some ground rules about who she can hang around with. Yeah, these girls never really left school.

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