Reality TV shows feature a lot of couples. 

They make up the bulk of the action that comes from these programs, on a typical basis. 

Some of the relationships are just plain toxic, making us question why they even tried in the first place.

We’ve compiled a gallery of some of the most toxic reality TV relationships below:

1. Amber and Matt – Teen Mom OG

There’s a new drama every single day with these two. It’s tiring.

2. Sammi and Ronnie – Jersey Shore

These two were constantly fighting. Their relationship has been on and off like a light switch, but there’s word that the two of them are back together… AGAIN!

3. Spencer and Heidi – The Hills

Remember when Heidi was a great character on The Hills before Spencer Pratt came around? He turned her against her BFF and made it clear that she would abide by everything he said. They constantly bickered, but they’re still together.

4. Rachel and Brendan – Big Brother

It was love at first sight for these two, but things changed out of the house when Brendan sent pics of his nether regions to another chick. They’re now married, but we don’t know just how toxic they still are.

5. Kailyn and Javi – Teen Mom 2

These two just always seemed to be arguing about something, so it came as no surprise that they finally parted ways.

6. Dustin and Heather – The Real World

Dustin and Heather seemed like the perfect couple on The Real World, but things took a crazy turn when Dustin just couldn’t stop lying to Heather. They reunited shortly after the show concluded, but they’re apart right now.

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