We surveyed 100 people and asked them to come up with their most memorable, ridiculous and laugh-out loud funny fails in Family Feud history.

The following responses made the list.

Which is your favorite?

1. Oh, Snoop Dogg

Pie in the horse?!? It’s like we were just taken on a fun little trip with the rapper.

2. Marriage Zing!

We think this is a marriage zing. We hope it’s not a murder zing. We hope the guy isn’t espousing killing one’s wife.

3. Nope.

That’s not a bird.

4. What’s the Problem?

It’s not a wrong answer, is it? What is the second most popular response? Third?

5. You May Want to Buy Flowers for Your Wife Before Going Home

We’re just sayin. Not a lot of women want to hear this body part being referred to as “dirty.”

6. Humans Taste Great with Marshmallow and Chocolate

We’ve heard, at least.

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