We guarantee you’ve heard of the stars on the following list.

But did you know about their siblings? Did you know that these brothers and sisters are out there and actually exist for real?

It’s true! Scroll down to see what we mean…

1. Mandi and Ryan Gosling

Ryan and his older sister, Mandi were quite the double act when they performed together at weddings and in talent shows.

2. Patricia and Gisele Bündchen

Like Gisele, Patricia was a model. After her career fizzled out, she became Gisele’s manager.

3. Michael B. and Jamilla Jordan

Michael’s older sister, Jamilla is a producer on Ink Master. The brother and sister are very close to one another. Michael has even claimed that living with his sister shaped him as the person he is today.

4. Tom and Emma Hiddleston

Like Tom, Emma is an actress, who has an active IMDB profile. Maybe acting is part of the family genes.

5. Dylan and Zac Efron

While Zac Efron is busy in the acting game, Dylan is sticking to the world of poetry.

6. Hunter and Scarlett Johansson

Hunter started off in acting, but these days, he’s dabbling more in the political world.

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