‘Til Death Do You Part, huh?

Are you sure about that?

The following Twitter messages may cause you to think twice.

We (mostly) kid, but these jokes and observations do sum up married life pretty darn well.

Scroll through them now and prepare to nod along vigorously if you’re a husband or a wife…

1. Get Used To It, Fellas

This is just the way things are… and the way things always will be.

2. How Dare You?!?

I’ve got a good comeback to that. Just give me a few months to think of it, okay?

3. You Can’t Win, Guys

She knows everything. Just agree the first time and you’ll be best off. Trust us.

4. Terwdfsnserddsguwep[up

“No, you are the one who needs to grow up!” is what this translates to, it’s just that the husband has many gummy bears in his mouth.

5. Parenting. Win.

For us, that is, not so much for the parents whose kid is crying that hard.

6. There are Other Topics of Conversation

But this is the main one, let’s be honest.

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