Stars are just like us

You’ve been hearing this for years.

In the latest example of how celebrities have a lot in common with their fellow men and women, here’s a look at famous singers, actors and actresses who get along poorly with their family members.

To say the very least…

1. Lindsay Lohan

We think it’s fair to say that Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of scandals over the years, and her mother, Dina has been slammed for exploiting her kids for fame and fortune. Lindsay has a strained relationship with both parents, and rarely speaks to either.

2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s parents divorced when she was just two-years-old. She rarely heard from her father after, and they had a public fallout in 2010. Demi did not speak to him again before his death in 2013.

3. Emma Roberts

Emma’s parents never married, and her father, Eric, was mostly out of her life growing up. Things changed when Emma achieved stardom in Hollywood and are now on speaking terms.

4. Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique opened up about being sexually abused by her brother and does not speak to her parents anymore.

5. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been vocal about using music as an escape from growing up under the emotional and physical abuse of her father. Unsurprisingly, she does not speak to him.

6. Meg Ryan

Meg has been estranged her mother for over thirty years. The animosity stems from her mother criticizing her lover, Dennis Quaid.

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