One of the new 90 Day Fiance couples that we’ve been getting to know is made up of Molly and Luis.

They face a number of relationship hurdles beyond the issue of citizenship. The biggest of those is probably a conspicuous age gap.

But we now know a huge spoiler about what awaits Luis and Molly. Okay … you’ve been warned!

First, a refresher.

Molly is an American from Georgia. She’s a lingerie entrepreneur. She’s also 41.

Luis is Dominican … and he’s only 26.

Their age difference is pretty significant, though we’d point out that part of what raises people’s eyebrows is that they’re accustomed to seeing the gender dynamic being a little different.

.In other words, when a man has a girlfriend 15 years his junior, he’s praised. When a woman like Molly does the same, people are more likely to emphasize her age and suspect the man of being up to something.

In this case, some fans wondered about Luis’ intentions.

He was working in a bar into Santo Domingo when he and Molly met, and some wondered if he was less interested in Molly and more interested in her US citizenship … and potentially her money.

Molly is also a mother, and 90 Day Fiance teased that her daughters weren’t entirely onboard with her prospective new husband.

We’ve also learned a bit about Molly Hopkins’ shady history.

Long story short? Molly’s criminal record and multiple mugshots suggest that she might not be the safest driver.

We sure hope that Molly told Luis about all of that before …

(Remember how we said that there woudl be spoilers?)

… They got married!

Starcasm reports that Molly and Luis are married.

Reality shows thrive on secrets, but it’s hard to keep marriages a secret when they’re a matter of court record.

In this case, the court records show that Molly Hopkins and Luis Emmanuel Mendez Rosa tied the knot on July 20, 2017.

(Just two days before Selena Gomez’s birthday!)

It’s wonderful that they were able to get past their relationship barriers and make it to the altar. However … it seems that, in so doing, they may have stirred up some trouble.

See, remember how Molly has two daughters? The youngest one’s name is Kensley.

Kensley’s father and Molly got their divorce a little over three years ago.

Molly was granted full custody, and records indicate that her ex made child-support contributions but not on a regular basis.

Until this year, the biggest “stir” that Kensley’s father had made, that we know of, was asking for legal recognition as Kensley’s father (so, ensuring his visitation rights) and for an amount to be set for child-support payments.

In July of this year, he suddenly changed his tune … and filed a Complaint For Equitable Partitioning And Damages.

That means that he wants payment for his portion of the house that he says that they jointly own, and repayment for a $45,000 loan that he says that he gave Molly. (He says that she has repaid over half of it, but that a $20,500 balance remains)

Molly says that she is unaware of any lingering balance on the loan.

Molly’s ex is asking that she be forced to sell her car (which she was awarded during the divorce) in order to pay.

We somehow suspect that the timing of all of this was not a coincidence.

Marriage represents an opportunity in the eyes of divorced exes. When alimony is involved, it’s usually grounds for them to stop paying.

In this case, it may be that Molly’s ex doesn’t like the idea of another man living in a home where he once lived or driving a car that he once drove.

Some exes can’t let go.

And then there’s the reality of Luis now being a stepdad to Molly’s daughters. That can easily stir up unhappy feelings.

We don’t know whether Molly’s ex sees this as more of a legal opportunity or an emotional motive, but … we imagine that the litigation for this isn’t a lot of fun for anyone involved.

Source: celebweddings