Whether or not a marriage has been consummated is usually just the business of the spouses, but sometimes — just like on period dramas and Game of Thrones — the question of consummation can become a legal matter.

That’s the case for 90 Day Fiance stars Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, whose awkward marriage never really made any sense, with many people questioning if the two — who seemed unable to stand each other — 

Well, Danielle’s finally spilling the beans. …

Okay, so as we mentioned in our 90 Day Fiance recap, things have been worse than ever for Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

Like, early on, it seemed that Danielle was frustrated with Mohamed’s lack of interest in her and she accused him of cheating.

In the mean time, she seemed controlling and Mohamed accused her of having an unbearable body odor.

So … they both seem a little shady and a lot ill-suited for each other.

And then there was that whole time period when Mohamed Jbali was missing.

The show itself caught up with Mohamed Jbali and no, he hadn’t been deported.

(Though that could still be in his future if Danielle gets her way)

Mohamed had fled from Miami, where Danielle had located him, and moved to Port Richey.

He has been working there as a driver.

The show’s camera captured the moment that he was served with his annulment papers.

An annulment, mind you, means that he’ll almost certainly be deported.

But the annulment itself is no guaranteed thing, because it’s more extreme than a divorce.

But in order to get an annulment, Danielle Mullins needs grounds for one.

Because unlike King Henry VIII, she can’t just change the rules for herself if she isn’t granted the annulment that she seeks.

And Danielle addresses the question of whether or not she’s likely to get the annulment on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

She finally talks about a topic that countless fans and viewers had been wondering about for ages.

Danielle and Mohamed have always, always been evasive about their sexual relationship — or lack thereof.

Early on, Danielle seemed peeved that Mohamed wasn’t, um, “performing his husbandly duties.”

Mohamed seemed off-put by Danielle, and had also allegedly cheated on her.

Noit a great combo.

On the episode, we see Danielle meet with her court liaison, Linda.

She is, of course, discussing the annulment that she’s seeking.

Danielle listed “fraud” as the reason for the annulment, but Linda isn’t convinced that it will be sufficient grounds for the court to erase her marriage to Mohamed as if it had never been.

(Linda isn’t convinced that Danielle can prove fraud in the first place)

So … basically, Danielle has to fess up about her sex life with Mohamed.

And, since she’s on this show, she has to make an embarrassing revelation on camera.

Danielle finally admits that she and Mohamed did have sex, thus consummating their marriage.

… But only once, ever.

That’s kind of the worst possible answer that she could have had to give, you know?

If they hadn’t had sex at all, that would be embarrassing but great for her push for an annulment.

If they’d had sex plenty of times, that would be less embarrassing but would hurt her case in court.

As it is, reality has handed Danielle the worst of both worlds, and she just admitted it on camera.

We’d feel sorry for her given the circumstances … or for Mohamed given that he could get deported.

But they both seem like jerks.

90 Day Fiance doesn’t always end in disaster and spite for the couples.

Kirlyam and Alan Fox are expecting and also seem to be wildly happy together.

Some of the struggles that the couples in 90 Day Fiance face are unique to a couple who’s first meeting on a reality show and who only have 90 days to get married.

But you know what?

It’s normal for some couples to work out and others to not work out.

Half of marriages end in divorce.

(The other half end in death)

So it only makes sense that 90 Day Fiance, where the relationships are rushed at the beginning, will have some relationships that rush towards the bitter end.

By “the bitter end,” we mean divorces and annulments.

Not death.

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