90 Day Fiance star Mohamed Jbali is dealing with a lot right now.

He recently confessed that he might get deported thanks to a paperwork issue. He’s in the middle of moving. And he recently found a new, post-Danielle romantic entanglement.

Well, in a new Instagram video that we have for you below, he delivers some updates and shares one, possibly paranoid, fear of his.

On Halloween, Mohamed Jbali shared a text update on his big move to Texas:

“I am officially homeless until I get to my new place in Texas.”

That’s such a weird feeling, right? When your apartment is no longer yours but your stuff isn’t at your new place, yet?

It must be immeasurably more intimidating for people who aren’t from the US who, should something go wrong, can’t just drive to a friend’s place or their mom’s because Tunisia is not conveniently nearby.

And then, on Wednesday, Mohamed shared another update:

“I’ve been driving forever and I’m still in Tallahassee that’s because I have a heavy load.”

He makes a goofy analogy trying to connect that as a metaphor for all of life, which shows you how absolutely, mind-blastingly boring driving a moving truck can be.

Well, now he’s shared a video update on everything that he’s been up to.

“I’m still in Alabama.”

The US is, though we don’t often think about it, very large. Traveling between states can take days, easily.

Mohamed has probably had his fill of the logistics of driving a moving truck, so he decided to give his fans an update on something much more interesting:


“You remember when I told you that love is happening?”

He has recently hinted at a blossoming romance, but not shared a lot.

Many have suspected that his newfound love is in Texas. (He’ll address that, also, in a moment)

“I was talking to a girl from Canada.”

He’s using the past tense, so … that’s not promising.

“And I thought we are good for each other, but, after some time, we found out that it’s not happening, it’s not … we are not a good match. So we broke up.”

That sounds like the right course of action. Besides, was Mohamed going to move to Canada to be with her? How many countries can you hop to?

Then, strangely, he seems to backtrack and correct himself.

“We didn’t even start a relationship. We decided that we don’t want this; that’s it.”

It’s hard to tell if they really didn’t get past the talking phase, or if he’s just trying to minimize what they had for his fans.

Sometimes Mohamed can be a little hard to read.

Like we said, he talks about his move to Texas.

His plans are no longer vague — he knows exactly where he’s going to be living.

“Now, I am moving to Texas. To be living with a family. They are friends and they are going to rent a room for me in their house and I’m going to be paying my rent every month.”

You might think that this goes without saying, but we think that there’s more to Mohamed belaboring this point than just his desire to be clear.

See, Mohamed got on 90 Day Fiance and into the US by, well, hopping into bed with Danielle Mullins. Just once, to consummate their marriage, but still.

That, very famously, didn’t work out. But Mohamed got to the US, like he wanted.

Some people see him as, if not a gold digger, a man who will do whatever it takes in order to get to where he wants to be.

Fair or not, that reputation follows him.

So he felt the need to address it.

“No love involved. No relationship involved. Just a roommate with a family. They have kids and everything, so I am not going for love.”

Clearly, Mohamed feels more than a little grudging about having to clarify that he’s not paying rent with his body.

In fact, he seems paranoid that people will make up stories about him anyway.

“Don’t believe the media; they are sick.”

From some people, that would sound like the lady protesting too much. In Mohamed Jbali’s case, he’s just a very outspoken guy who gets a little heated sometimes … and who’s been doing a lot of driving.

Honestly, videos for his fans are probably a healthy way for him to blow off steam.

Here’s the video:

Source: celebweddings