Earlier this month, Chelsea Houska married Cole De Boer after two years of dating.

The wedding served as a much-deserved happy ending for one of the Teen Mom franchise’s most beloved castmembers.

As fans of the show are all too aware, Chelsea’s road hasn’t always been a smooth one, as she’s frequently been forced to deal with the idiocy of her short-tempered, often-negligent baby daddy, Adam Lind.

For a time, it looked as though Chelsea might finally get out from under the dark cloud that is Lind.

Sure, they have a kid together, and they’ll always be bound by that, but they’re not tied to each other as closely as they used to be.

Lind seems to be playing a smaller role than ever in his daughter’s life these days, as he’s even talked about quitting Teen Mom 2.

Obviously, his neglect for his daughter and tendency to skip important events like birthday parties is incredibly sad, but the fact that he’s around less and soon might not be on the show at all can only be a good thing viewers – and maybe even for Chelsea.

After all, she’s still subjected to his various forms of abuse, and she must be getting tired of explaining to her daughter why daddy was absent for yet another milestone in her life, right?

Of course, the best hope Chelsea had for living a virtually a Lind-free existence showed up over the summer in the form of Stasia Huber.

Lind and Stasia got engaged in July, and it looked as though Adam was taking yet another step away from Houska and toward living his own miserable, douche-tacular life.

Unfortunately, Radar Online is now reporting that Lind has ended his engagement to Huber just months before the couple was scheduled to walk down the aisle.

The much-maligned TM2 star reportedly changed his Facebook status to “single” earlier this week, and sources have confirmed to the site that Lind kicked Huber to the curb:

“Adam just can’t stay faithful to anyone,” one insider tells Radar.

Sounds like a pretty cut-and-dried breakup to us.

But despite the mountain of evidence, earlier today, Lind insisted that we’ve got it all wrong (he then probably muttered something under his breath about all of us being friggin’ idiots):

“I didn’t post anything on social media,” he told Radar in a statement issued this morning.

“It’s not anyone’s f–king business.”

Yes, Lind was his usual, classy self in response to questions about his relationship.

In fairness, it’s not like the guy is paid far more money that he could ever earn otherwise in exchange for living his life on camera.

Oh wait, that’s exactly the case.

Anyway, one friend of the couple’s says he believes Lind’s claim that he and Huber are back together, but that doesn’t he thinks it will last:

“They have broken up and gotten back together multiple times in the past,” says the source.

No one has asked Lind about the rumors that he and Huber broke up following a fight prompted by media coverage of Chelsea’s wedding.

Even if they had, we assume he would’ve just punched a wall or something.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself just how much of a dickbag this guy really is.

Source: celebweddings