Aleksandra Iarovikova of 90 Day Fiance fame has peaced out of social media, citing the relentless bullying and harassment she’s received.

The final straw was a photo she posted of her infant daughter online and fans hatching the theory that her husband Josh is not the father.

I just wanted to say sorry to all those people who support and understand me,” Aleksandra, who hails from Russia, captioned her final post.

A photo of herself and Josh, a Mormon missionary from Idaho, on Instagram is apparently her last; Aleksandra has disabled all comments.

“Without you I’m nothing and I love you all,” she added.

Aleksandra then explained her decision as such:

“And I want to say to all the haters and those who tried to humiliate me under every post, God bless you and your families.”

“I don’t know what makes you so unhappy that you put all your negative to other people, but I know that getting your own life will make you feel better.”

“Just what makes you think that you know me and my life? Did you live in my apartment? Was you there when I was dating & getting married to Josh?”

She continued calling out her critics, incredulous at the idea that people online could say these things (which clearly hurt her deeply):

“Was you there when we did the first ultrasound?”

“Was you there when we were suffering during my labor? Did you cry with us when our girl was fighting for life in the NICU?”

“Was you there when we finally got to hold her for the first time? No? Then how dare you say something about me or Josh or our daughter?”

“I’m so done with reading the same negative comments over and over again. I’m so done with all this negative. Hope one day you’ll understand.”

“But for now, I’m so done with you and this account.”

“Thanks for everything. Bye.”

On Facebook, she changed her profile picture to one of herself and Josh, removing one in which you could see her daughter’s face.

Many speculated that the child is biracial, based at least in part on the fact that her best friend and travel companion is a black man.

She has posted lots of photos of the two together through the years, though Aleksandra has adamantly denied that Josh is not the father.

“Of course Josh is the father,” she said.

“I’d do a DNA test, but I don’t want to prove something to somebody who I don’t know. That’s sad that people don’t think and make up such silly things.”

As far as the little girl looking nothing like Josh, Aleksandra said “kids may look like their grandparents and nothing like their own parents.”

“I don’t look like my mom or dad, I look more like my grandma. My daughter looks like my mom. Seriously, they have the same face.

“They look absolutely the same, it’s crazy.”

Regarding the online chatter that her close friend might be the father of her child, the 90 Day Fiance star shot that down as well.

“He is like my brother,” she said.

“That’s even disgusting to think about possible feelings between us. He promised him to protect me in Prague while Josh is far away.”

If her relationship with Josh is suffering, you wouldn’t know it based on photos online. The couple appears to still be married and happy.

We are “still together” and “still love each other,” she said this spring, and by all accounts, Iarovikova’s Instagram pics tell a similar story.

Source: celebweddings