It’s only been six months since Amber Heard and Johnny Depp finalized their divorce, but Amber has wasted no time in leaving her painful past behind her and moving on with someone new.

Nothing helps you get over an old love like a new love, and that’s true times several billion when your rebound dude is none other than Elon Musk.

Musk, as you’re probably aware, is the tech genius and entrepreneur behind Tesla and Space-X.

His net worth is estimated at about $14 billion.

Between being ludicrously wealthy and having access to all of the coolest toys on the planet, we imagine he knows how to show a girl a good time.

Musk reportedly took an interest in Heard several years ago while she was still married to Depp, but either he never made a move or she rebuffed his advances for obvious reasons.

Whatever the case, Musk reportedly served as a shoulder to cry on in the months following her divorce, and as is so often the case with this sort of scenario, one thing quickly led to another …

Heard and Musk traveled to Australia together last week, and yesterday, she made their relationship “Instagram official” with the pic above.

Rumors about Heard and Musk dating have been circulating since January, but the couple repeatedly insisted that they were “just friends.”

Maybe that was really the case, and they only got romantically involved in recent weeks.

But we have our doubts.

Amber and Elon are both famous, and they’ve both endured brutal, highly-publicized divorces.

We doubt they would go public with their relationship unless enough time had passed for them to both know they’re in it for the long haul.

There are concerns amongst Amber’s fans that she’s repeating the sort of tendencies that led her into a destructive relationship with Depp.

Like, Johnny, Elon is older, fabulously wealthy, and known for having a short temper.

The 45-year-old has also been divorced three times  – despite only having married two women.

(Musk and Talulah Riley divorced, remarried, then quickly divorced again.)

Here’s hoping Amber is adept at recognizing red flags and knows when she’s getting herself into.

Source: celebweddings