Back in May, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, and a couple of days later, she accused him of domestic abuse.

You may have heard about it.

Amber went to court to request an emergency restraining order against Johnny, which she received, and she claimed that he’d gone off on her several days before and hit her in the face with an iPhone.

She even shared a photo of herself in which she appeared to have bruising around her eye.

Throughout the rest of the summer, things only got uglier in their divorce.

Several people — people close to the couple and just the general public — felt that Amber was lying about the abuse, that she was trying to blackmail Johnny for a big divorce settlement.

Text messages were leaked that purportedly confirmed the abuse, and there was even a video that seemed to show Johnny in a drunken rage.

They finally settled the divorce in August, with Amber withdrawing her request for a permanent restraining order and Johnny agreeing to pay her a $7 million settlement, which she said she’d donate to charity.

Johnny went ahead and donated the money in her name — the sassiest charitable donation ever — and Amber’s been laying low ever since.

Until now!

Amber just teamed up with the #GirlGaze Project to make this domestic abuse PSA, and boy, does she get intimate about what happened in her marriage.

See the extremely emotional video here:

Source: celebweddings