When it was first revealed that Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon are dating, many Teen Mom: OG fans hoped that the relationship would prove to be a short-lived rebound fling.

Clearly, that hasn’t proven to be the case.

Though their relationship began under inauspicious circumstances (Glennon is a producer on Marriage Boot Camp. He met Portwood when she appeared on the show with her ex-fiance, Matt Baier.) it seems to have flourished in recent months.

Currently, Portwood is pregnant with Glennon’s baby.

It’s the first child for Amber and the second for Andrew.

Fans were initially perplexed about how the relationship would proceed from here, as Amber resides in Indiana, and Glennon has built a successful career in Los Angeles.

But it seems Andrew has chosen true love (and, of course, a career in front of the camera) by relocating to Indiana in order to be closer to Amber and his future son.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Amber revealed the news in response to some trash talk from an Instagram follower:

“Did he really go for a visit and never went back home just like Matt?” the fan commented on a photo of Amber and Andrew hanging out at her home.

“No? He had a whole life and career in LA,” Amber replied.

“He couldn’t just up and leave his family. It was a big decision on his part to move to Indiana and it’s been a great decision.”

Yes, Ms. Portwood made the big reveal in rather nonchalant fashion, which seems to be her M.O. lately.

Just last week, Amber revealed her baby’s name during a casual Twitter conversation with her brother.

Speaking of Shawn Portwood (or “Bubby,” as he’s known to TM:OG fans), Amber and Andrew recently made a trip to Florida so that her beloved brother could meet her baby daddy for the first time.

It’s a move that has many wondering if Glennon is gearing up to pop the question.

As viewers know, Amber is extremely (some would say creepily) close with her brother, and she’s stated in the past that she would never marry a man without getting Shawn’s approval first.

Obviously, it would be a very fast proposal, as Amber and Andrew have only known each other a few months, but then again, they’re already living together with a kid on the way.

At this point, marriage wouldn’t even be their biggest commitment to one another.

So don’t be surprised to hear an engagement announcement in the very near future.

Amber’s not one to waste any time when it comes to her relationships.

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Source: celebweddings