Amber Portwood has ended all doubt and speculation:

The veteran Teen Mom star is pregnant with her second child.

Strong talk of Portwood’s expecting state has been circulating around the Internet for days, but the MTV personality herself came out on Friday and confirmed the news.

“Thank you everyone for all the kind words. I’m very excited for my future with Andrew and our little family we are starting together! Love,” Portwood Tweeted this evening.

Indeed, Amber will be having either a boy or girl with Andrew Glennon.

She met him while filming Marriage Boot Camp and the two have been dating for only three months or so.

The brief dating history between Portwood and Glennon suggests this pregnancy was not planned, a possibility that Amber didn’t deny when speaking to Us Weekly about the bun in her oven.

“When I first found out, I was a little scared,” the 27-year old told this tabloid, adding:

“I just kind of sat down and thought about it and realized that it was a big step in my life and it was a good thing actually, and I was really happy within 30 minutes.”

Portwood is already the mother to an eight-year old daughter named Leah.

He shares custody with ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

“After the initial shock, it was nothing but happy thoughts and just enjoying my time with my boyfriend,” Portwood added to Us, saying simply of she and Glennon:

“We’re both very happy.

After revealing the baby news on social media and in this interview, Portwood received a slew of well wishes from other Teen Mom stars.

“CONGRATS AMB! We are so happy for you & can’t wait to meet that little baby,” Tweeted Tyler Baltierra, while added:

“Congratulations babe. I love you and can’t wait to see you at Friendsgiving.”

Portwood responded to these messages by writing the following:

“Thank you hun! Love you guys always.”

She also posted the sweet photo below, further hammering home the status of her womb:

We don’t know when Amber is due.

Nor do we know if she’s having a boy or a girl.

However, if this pregnancy is anything like pregnancy by other members of the Teen Mom cast, we’ll be finding out the answers to all these questions and many more as the days, weeks and months go by.

Expect Portwood to milk this news for all it’s worth.

In the meantime, we’ll simply send her the best of wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby son or daughter.

Source: celebweddings