Amber Portwood may have moved on in real life, but on reality TV time, she’s still on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition.

In fact, she’s still having to shoot down claims that her baby is Matt Baier’s. But she’s accused of more than that.

As you’ll see in the Marriage Boot Camp teaser video below, Amber Portwood is accused of being high — and she freaks right out.

This season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, a show that continues to have one heck of a title, got a little unplanned publicity.

Why? Because of Amber Portwood.

Everyone on the show has some degree of name recognition — I mean, Brandi Glanville’s there wearing stars over her nipples (also in the video).

But Amber Portwood wasn’t what you’d call a “happy camper” … in that the marriage (it was actually an engagement) that she was supposed to be boot camping ended.

It wasn’t just that the relationship ended at camp. Amber also found someone new … while she was there.

Andrew Glennon may have seemed like he just popped into existence out of nowhere. To many fans, anyway.

In reality, Andrew actually worked on the show — on Marriage Boot Camp — and he gave Amber Portwood a shoulder to cry on behind the scenes.

He apparently gave her some other body parts on which to do other things, however.

Because Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

And, though the rumor mill continues to suggest that the baby might be Matt Baier’s (and we get it — the timing is really close), Andrew Glennon is the father and they’re both excited about this new chapter in their lives.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Right now, in reality television time, Amber is still struggling through her relationship with Matt. We all know that it’s doomed to fail now and, quite frankly, most people have known that since they started dating.

But it isn’t her various issus with Matt that’s giving Amber pauses in this video below.

Instead, she gets accused of being high — as in, you know, high on drugs.

And though it’s an accusation that she herself has also made (within the same teaser video), Amber Portwood absolutely freaks out.

Various reality stars on the show are arranged in a deeply demeaning “classroom” set-up.

(We’re not saying that a show like this can’t possibly help anyone, but the theatrics for the sake of entertainment value can be deeply insulting, and may even be designed to push them to their limits while the cameras are rolling)

Upon hearing the suggestion that she is “still high from two shows ago,” Amber Portwood stands up, furious.

“Do I look f–kin’ high?!” she exclaims, furious.

The tension is palpable.

It’s no secret that Amber Portwood has struggled with drugs in the past. She has a scary history with addiction.

That may be the cause of her ire — for an addict to be accused of being on drugs is a much bigger deal than it would be for someone else, who might merely shrug off the intended insult.

Of course, we see Amber respond to multiple things this way — again, just within this very short teaser video.

So part of that is just … Amber being Amber.

But clearly there are parts of Amber that we’re not seeing, because this is the same show where Andrew Glennon fell in love with her.

Source: celebweddings