After weeks of speculation and several years of arguably the worst relationship in the history of the Teen Mom franchise, it’s finally official:

Amber Portwood has dumped Matt Baier, bringing to an end one of the most successful coattail-riding/golddigging campaigns this side of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

We’d known for several weeks that Amber and Matt had called off the wedding.

Portwood confirmed that news at the recent taping of the Teen Mom: OG reunion show in New York.

(Fans aren’t supposed to publicly share anything that the ladies said during the taping … but they totally do.)

For a while, though, it looked like Matt and Amber would attempt to patch things up.

Sources said they were still living together, and while they’d scrapped plans to get hitched, fans believed Amber just wouldn’t be able to bring herself to kick Matt to the curb.

Portwood put that talk to rest with a revealing Instagram livestream over the weekend.

While she’s apparently unable to go into detail due to the terms of her contract with MTV, Portwood made it quite clear that she’s seen the light with regard to what a douche-nozzle Baier truly is.

“Do you see him in my bed?” Amber coyly replied when a fan asked if she’s still with Matt.

She went on to say that she “has no man” and stated that she’s single, but was unsure if she’s legally able to talk about it.

Exciting news if, like so many Teen Mom viewers, you’ve wanted Baier out of the picture from the moment he entered it.

Amber didn’t go into detail of course, but the couple’s latest rough patch appears to have started after Baier was essentially caught cheating on Amber, miserably failing a lie detector test on the subject.

But don’t go getting too excited about the possibility of Portwood moving on to an actual stable, healthy relationship.

Sources tell The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Amber is still hoping to get back together with Matt.

While the insider says “even [Amber] admits that it is not looking good for Matt,” Portwood has not officially given up on the relationship just yet.

Matt seems to believe the reconciliation is a sure thing, but it’s possible that Amber is simply taking her time with the breakup for legal reasons.

While they’re not married, Portwood and Baier do own several properties and have invsted in multiple business ventures together.

“Matt is making it look like everything’s hunky-dory but it’s really not,” The Ashley’s source says.

“Take everything Matt says with a grain of salt. Amber realizes now that he’s a chronic liar and that’s been one of the biggest reasons why she’s considering leaving him for good.”

The insider adds:

“There are a lot of legal issues between the two of them that would have to be worked through first for Matt to be formally put out.

“There is some stuff that would need to be wrapped up before they can officially call it quits. More may come out by next month.”

We’ll updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself just how badly the Mamber relationship sucked.

Source: celebweddings