How many issues can you have in a relationship before you finally admit that things aren’t working?

With Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, that sure seems to be the question.

They’ve been together for over two years now, and it’s just one problem after the other.

Remember when Amber found out that Matt had been lying to her about how many kids he had, and she still made excuses and kept dating him?

Then remember how he tried to pressure her into getting married in Las Vegas even though she didn’t want to?

He called her “psycho,” he said that she wanted to marry her brother instead of him, he basically humiliated her on TV, and still, she didn’t break up with him.

There have been piles and piles of rumors that he’s been cheating on her, and he even failed a lie detector test when questioned about it, but still … you guessed it.

The girl seems completely incapable of kicking this jackass to the curb, and it’s tough to watch.

But judging by what goes down in a new sneak peek for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, she might finally be growing a backbone when it comes to her creep of a fiancé.

In the clip, Amber and Matt head to New York, along with the other Teen Mom cast members, for some press events.

They’re with some crew members when Matt pulls her aside, saying “Come here, I want to tell you something.”

“I’m really sorry about last night,” he begins, but Amber isn’t having it — she tells him that she knows he’s sorry.

He asks her if she forgives him, but she says “You’re sorry every other f-cking week.”

And then, Matt delivers what could very well be the most horrifying statement to ever be made on reality TV:

“Do you forgive Daddy?”

He asks her this not once, but twice — “Do you forgive Daddy?”

You’ll hear it in your nightmares, it will haunt your waking moments … you’ll never, ever be able to rid yourself of the fact that, at this moment in time, Matt Baier referred to himself as “Daddy.”

But still, Amber doesn’t care.

She says that she doesn’t forgive him, and when he asks if she still wants to marry him, she shakes her head.

He seems shocked by her answer, and asks her what she’s going to say during interviews about their relationship.

“I’ll lie right now,” she says with a shrug, but he insists, “You’ll marry me.”

She remains firm: she’s not going to do it.

“Babe, come on,” he pleads with her. “I made one mistake.”

“You made more than f-cking one mistake,” she responds. “I’m not doing it.”

Matt tells her that whatever he did, he won’t do it again, and it’s only then that Amber tells him that she’s wearing a microphone, and he might want to watch what he says.

He seems really upset by the fact that she’s wearing a microphone while they’re filming a reality show, but Amber’s low on sympathy here.

“Your ignorance,” she tells him as he walks off.

So what did Matt do that’s so bad that Amber won’t forgive him? Is this about the cheating rumors?

Is it because he feels the need to call himself “Daddy” and she just can’t live with that kind of disgusting nonsense in her life anymore?

Hopefully we’ll find out on Monday!

Source: celebweddings