If Teen Mom: OG firebrand Amber Portwood still loves Matt Baier, she sure has an unusual way of showing it.

In footage obtained by Radar this week, Portwood is seen kissing and canoodling with a new man, mere weeks after her split from Baier.

The video was reportedly filmed on Monday, August 7 and it depicts Amber getting very close and awfully cozy with someone of the opposite sex.

She’s leaning against him while the guy is rubbing her waist with his arm.

Captured at a marina in Indianapolis, the video culminates in Portwood and this mystery dude leaning in for a kiss.

We don’t know much about the male, except that he’s wearing a brown shirt and white cowboy hat in the clip.

He also appears to be a lot closer in age to Portwood than her former fiance, from whom Amber split in June and who is 46 years old.

Portwood and Baier’s relationship fizzled out a couple months ago after Matt failed a lie detector test in the face of cheating allegations.

For this reason perhaps, because he’s mostly to blame for the ending of their romance, Baier did not react to this news negatively.

Given their combative history, you might expect Portwood moving on to result in what certain Presidents might describe as fire or fury.

Instead, he took the high road.

“All I ever wanted for Amber is for her to be happy and safe,” Baier tells E! News, adding of his longtime Teen Mom colleague:

“We spent three years building a life together and they were the three happiest years of my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Wait, what? That’s oddly… mature?

Reasonable? Drama-free?

What is going on here?!?

“Amber knows if she ever needs me, I’m just a phone call away,” Baier, who has between 7-9 kids depending on who you ask, concluded.

Portwood, meanwhile, has yet to comment publicly on this viral, PDA-filled footage … nor has anyone yet identified her kissing partner.

However, an onlooker said MTV cameras were present at the time of the spit swapping, meaning this must be (sort of) serious.

Serious enough that we’ll learn more on a future Teen Mom episode, anyway.

Said Portwood to Dr. Drew on Marriage Boot Camp, shortly after kicking Baier to the curb:

“I personally am just trying to better myself in a situation that really put me down.”

“I kind of just lost myself and my independence as a woman, as a person because I was too focused on Matt…”

She added:

“So I’m trying to find me first before I even think about getting in another relationship. We still talk because love doesn’t just shut off like that.

“That’s not how it works.” 

How very true and profound.

And we can’t rule out a future between Portwood and Baier, not yet, not even after all they’ve said about each other and done to each other.

“She is saying it’s over,” an insider told Radar earlier this summer.

“But they could get back together. They’ve gone through lots of ups and downs.”

Source: celebweddings