If you follow her on social media, then by you probably know by now that Amber Portwood has a new boyfriend.

Amber frequently gushes about Andrew Glennon, a Marriage Boot Camp producer, whom she ironically met on set after her previous boyfriend Matt Baier flew the coop.

Of course, Amber was quick to offer the highest praise possible by assuring fans that Andrew is nothing like Matt.

Baier was sketchy, controlling, verbally abusive, possessive, and unstable.

Portwood apparently believes that Glennon is none of those things.

But it’s worth noting that at one point, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, she believed Matt wasn’t like that either.

Fans are hopeful that Amber has learned from her past mistakes and thoroughly vetted Glennon before becoming involved in a relationship with him.

Unfortunately, new evidence points to Glennon being as unstable and controlling as his predecessor.

Radar Online has obtained court documents from an ex of Glennon’s, who filed for a restraining order after their relationship ended.

“I broke up with him and he was very upset,” she wrote. “[He] hid my keys as I had to leave out of fear. The next day he wouldn’t leave [my] apartment until my dad threatened to call the police.”

“In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat,” she continued.

“On my birthday, [he] showed up at my work under a false name delivering flowers. Security at my work turned him away.”

Believe it or not, it gets worse.

The ex claims Glennon’s harassment continued for weeks, and the situation reached the point where she feared for her safety.

“I suspect he vandalized my neighbors car that was using my parking spot over night,” she said, adding that someone had keyed the words “f-ck you” into the vehicle.

The documents detail one frightening incident that prompted the ex to call the police:

“[Glennon] threw rocks at my window and smiled and laughed when he saw me look,” she said, adding:

“He is extremely tall and large at 6’7″ 315 lbs. His behavior is escalating and I am very scared.”

She also submitted as evidence an “obsessive email” that Glennon had written to her shortly after their breakup.

“You were my first love and my true love, that will always be so,” Glennon wrote.

“After all of the heartache, sadness and never-ending pain, I know. You and I had something special that will never change. Because I love you and loving someone else will always seem strange.”

The unidentified ex was granted a three-year restraining order that expired last year.

Amber has yet to comment on the situation.

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Source: celebweddings