Earlier this week, we learned that Amber Portwood dumped Matt Baier just months before the couple was scheduled to tie the knot.

The news didn’t exactly come as much of a shock, as Portwood and Baier had had difficulty hiding their relationship troubles from the public throughout much of the past year.

Still, there was some confusion about the incident that finally led Amber to see the light and kick Matt to the curb.

Some believed Portwood got fed up after Baier pressured her to marry him during their recent trip to Vegas.

Others believed that Amber decided to call it quits after Baier failed a lie detector test in which he was questioned about allegations of infidelity. 

Amber played it coy during a recent Instagram livestream, admitting that she and Baier had broken up, but refusing to go into detail as to why.

Fortunately, last night’s episode of Teen Mom: OG cleared things up considerably.

Both Portwood and Baier have struggled with substance abuse issues, an Amber’s fears about Matt falling off the wagon were confirmed during a week of promotional events in New York:

Amber became aware that Matt gave her co-star Catelynn Lowell a Xanax when she began to experience panic attack symptoms.

She was previously under the impression that he was completely sober and had not been in possession of any drugs in several years.

Understandably upset, Amber had little time for Matt’s excuses the following morning.

“You’re sorry every other f–king week,” she said, in response to his apology.

Asked if she still planned to marry him, Amber simply shook her head no.

“What about all these questions you’re going to get today?” Baier asked, in reference to the day’s press junket.

“I’ll lie right now if they ask,” she said. “You made more than one f–king mistake, I’m not doing it.”

Baier later revealed to producers that the situation was even more serious than it appeared on camera.

“She wakes me up this morning, [saying], ‘We’re not getting married. You’re a f–king junkie,'” said a visibly upset Baier.

“I go, ‘What the f–k is going on? I didn’t do a f–king thing wrong.'”

After the episode aired, Catelynn took to Twitter to clarify that she did not take the pill offered to her by Baier.

“FYI I never took what Matt gave me like I know what it is?!?” she tweeted. “Hell no I saved that shit and told amber I wanted proof etc.”

Watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself of just how problematic Amber and Matt’s relationship has been from the start.

Source: celebweddings