Not only is Amber Portwood pregnant with her second child, but she and her new baby-daddy are still living their whirlwind romance.

Part of that romance includes a couples’ trip to Malibu.

And Amber Portwood decided to share a photo of herself and Andrew Glennon … in bed together.

Look, there are a few sketchy things about Andrew Glennon. We’re the first to admit that.

He’s apparently badmouthed some exes in the past, so it doesn’t sound like he handles breakups well.

And some wonder if he abused his position as a producer to seduce Amber Portwood (though, of course, he’s at least not a Teen Mom producer).

But look at it this way — we at least don’t think that Andrew Glennon is after Amber Portwood for that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money.

That has to count for something. In fact, by reality TV relationship standards, he’s basically a prince.

Whatever you may think of Andrew Glennon, he and Amber Portwood are expecting a baby boy and that’s exciting news.

So, yesterday, Amber Portwood shared this photo on Instagram.

We haven’t seen so many photos of Amber and Andrew side-by-side, so it’s nice to see that. Also sweet that they’re traveling together.

Amber included this caption:

“On our way to Malibu yesterday with my baby hard at work next to me.”

To be clear, “my baby” means Andrew Glennon, in this context. She’s going to need to remember to be more clear once the actual, literal baby is born.

But that’s not the photo that got people talking.

No, that would be the one of the two of them in bed together:

No, this isn’t risque or likely to bother anyone but the newly married Matt Baier … and perhaps Farrah Abraham (because Farrah seems to hate that Amber Portwood even exists in the first place).

But it’s not subtle, either.

No one’s surprised that they’re having sex. They’re adults (not all adult relationships have sex, of course, but most do) and, more to the point, Amber Portwood did not conceive via immaculate conception.

But a lot of folks are awfully shy about sharing photos, even pics that are mostly just of their feet. And it’s out of more than just concern over foot fetishists enjoying the pics a little too much.

Also, taking a photo from bed in front of a reflective surface can be a risk.

As you can see, though, Amber’s photo of the beautiful beach view in Malibu doesn’t seem to expose anything but comfort and comfortable intimacy.

Some Teen Mom OG fans still aren’t sure what to make of Andrew Glennon, and we don’t quite blame them.

But it’s clear that Amber Portwood thinks a lot of him and plans for him to be part of her life for a very long time.

After the pregnancy news broke, Amber thanks fans on Twitter:

“Thank you everyone for all the kind words.”

Which is nice and all, but then she laid out her vision for the future.

“I’m very excited for my future with Andrew and our little family we are starting together! Love.”

For the record, it sounds like Leah is excited to become a big sister. Amber isn’t forgetting about her.

Source: celebweddings