Amber Portwood … well, the girl has been through some stuff.

She got pregnant at 16, of course, and from there she dealt with severe addiction problems, severe relationship problems, really just so many problems.

Eventually she went to prison and got clean and straightened out a bit, but soon after she returned home, she began dating disgusting douchebag, Matt Baier, and so everything has gone all to hell again.

But while we know so much about all of that, one thing that Amber doesn’t talk about much is her father, who tragically passed away in 2014.

In this new sneak peek from Teen Mom OG, she’s changing that.

In the clip, Amber is hanging with Matt, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra down in Puerto Rico.

They’re lounging around outside, and a producer points out that Amber and Catelynn seem more like cousins than reality show co-stars.

Amber points out that that’s because they have similar histories — parents who worked multiple jobs just to pay the bills, and parents who suffer from addiction.

She adds that her own mother had to work so much because her father was an alcoholic, but she quickly adds that she loved her dad very much, and she doesn’t want to say anything bad about him.

Matt chimes in to talk about his own alcoholic father, and Amber, who’s becoming visibly upset, asks if they can change the subject.

Her gem of a guy ignores her, and he only stops when she starts crying.

“I took care of my dad when he was f-cking dying,” Amber tells them through tears, but instead of continuing the story, she walks away, telling them “I can’t f-cking do this.”

As she walks off with a producer, Matt explains to Catelynn and Tyler that her father’s death “hits her sometimes, like it’ll hit her out of nowhere, and it breaks her heart.

Meanwhile, Amber discusses her father, who died awaiting a liver transplant — his own was destroyed after years of drinking.

“He told me he had eight months to live,” she says, but “he f-cking lived for ten years. He was in pain every f-cking day, and that man stayed alive and told me he was waiting for me to get married.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. How heartbreaking is this?

Amber’s story also does the impossible in that it makes last week’s Las Vegas wedding disaster with Matt even worse.

If her father was trying to live long enough to see her get married, then you know that has to be a huge deal for her. And since Matt is obviously aware of her feelings about her father, he had to know that.

So for him to try to force her to get married in Las Vegas, away from her family and while she obviously has some bittersweet feelings about the idea of a wedding …

It’s really just reprehensible, even more so than before.

What the incredibly sad clip below:

Source: celebweddings