To say Amber Rose is one of the most provocative celebrities around would be the understatement of the century. 

When she’s not starting movements on Instagram to get women to show off their platinum vagines (thanks for that one, Corrine!), she’s starting feuds on Twitter with celebrities. 

With that in mind, it comes as a huge surprise we’re now hearing the former stripper is ready to settle down with the new man in her life

That new man is 21 Savage, and Amber has apparently been seeing every single day since first meeting “several weeks ago.” 

Rose has even introduced 21 Savage to her family and four-year-old son Sebastian. Word on the street is that 21 Savage “bonded” with Sebastian. 

Also, Amber has met up with her new boyfriend’s mother and cousins. 

So, Amber must be at least serious about finding love, and we’re actually very happy for her … if only for the potential for it all to go up in flames and give us some great material to work with down the line. 

Take note, Amber. 

Kidding aside, we don’t even know if she was actively seeking love, but sometimes that’s when love is found, so maybe Amber is holding on to it. 

Somehow, people tend to comment on age gaps in the celebrity world. With an 11-year age gap between them, Amber is not worrying one bit about it. 

In fact, she seems to think age is irrelevant and a double standard. When you think about, she does have a point. It’s not like Amber to think things through. 

If she did, she would not put half of the crap on Instagram she does these days. 

We are very surprised by these developments and wish Amber well in her journey with her new squeeze. It should be interesting to see whether they make it all the way to marriage. 

Could you imagine Amber Rose married? Would she dial back her crazy antics?

Is she even marriage material?

We’re not so sure. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!

Source: celebweddings