Seriously, what is it with airlines and their employees losing their damn minds on flights lately?

Earlier this month, we heard the sad, bizarre story of a United Airlines flight that had gotten overbooked: five passengers were selected at random to leave the plane, and when one man refused, he was brutally beaten.

A few days after that, we heard about a bride and groom who were allegedly removed from a flight to their honeymoon destination.

Even Jenelle Evans jumped on the new trend, claiming that an American Airlines employee assaulted her in an airport.

But right now, American Airlines is under fire again — and there’s a pretty damning video to go along with the allegations.

On a flight yesterday, a mother was boarding a plane with her twin babies and a stroller. A passenger on the flight explains that a flight attendant “violently” took the stroller from her, hitting her and “just missing the baby.”

After that, several passengers began taking video — you can see the aftermath of the incident below.

The mother in question stands at the front of the plane, sobbing, and you can hear a man say that he’s “not going to sit here and watch this.”

He makes his way to the front as well, and asks for the flight attendant’s name. It’s a little hard to hear what’s being said, as the woman is crying so loudly.

Which, fair — it must be hard enough to fly with two babies, and some guy has to hit her with a stroller?

The flight attendant who did the deed returns to the plane to talk to the pilot, and the man who’d been asking for his name confronts him.


“Hey bud,” he tells him. “You do that to me and I’ll knock you flat.”

The attendant first tells him to stay out of it, but then he charges towards him, saying “try it, hit me, hit me,” over and over.

The pilot and another employee diffuse the situation, and as they’re leading the flight attendant away again, he tells the man “you don’t know the whole story,” which doesn’t exactly make a ton of sense.

The man, rightfully so, says “I don’t need to know the whole story, you almost hurt a baby.”

American Airlines has already released a statement about the incident, and they say that they’ve started an investigation.

The flight attendant has been removed from duty for the time being, and the woman and her family were upgraded to first class for the rest of their trip.

Watch the absolute madness in the video below:

Source: celebweddings