Oh, that poor Amy Duggar … girl absolutely cannot seem to catch a break.

It all started when she was, you know, born into the Duggar family.

She’s not one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s spawn, but as we’ve been learning, she may have been better off if she was one of those 19 Kids and Counting.

And that’s because, according to multiple claims Amy has made during her time on Marriage Boot Camp, she had a truly terrible childhood.

She’s told stories about how her parents used to fight so much that she’d spend all her time outside, just so she wouldn’t have to hear them screaming at each other.

She’s said that her mother used to leave suicide notes around the house for her to find, and that her father would tell her that she was a mistake.

In the latest heartbreaking clip, Amy said that her father once grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up to the ceiling, all because he didn’t believe her when she told him she brushed her teeth.

She even said he tried to run her over with a car on one occasion.

It all sounds so unbelievably awful, right? You’d think it couldn’t get much worse than that.

But now, in yet another example of Amy’s family being the worst, her own grandmother is speaking to the press about Amy’s claims.

Specifically, she’s calling Amy a liar.

The grandmother in question is Lenora Jordan, her father’s mother.

(Amy is related to the Duggars through her mother, who is Jim Bob’s sister.)

Lenora took the time to speak with Radar about Amy and all the horrific stories of abuse, and she simply said “None of that stuff is true.”

Solid argument, Grandma.

“Amy just felt like she needed to be on that show, and needed something to tell,” Lenora insisted.

It’s such a sad turn of events, isn’t it?

First Amy had to suffer through her childhood, and now she has to deal with her grandmother publicly dismissing her like this.

It’s interesting, too, because while of course we can’t really definitively prove Amy’s stories, there’s quite a bit of evidence that she is telling the truth.

The therapists on Marriage Boot Camp don’t have a problem believing Amy, and we know they don’t have problems with calling people out on any suspected nonsense.

And another little fact is that back in 1992, Amy’s mother filed a restraining order against her then-husband — Amy’s father — because, as she said, he’d threatened to kill both her and “the baby.”

The baby, most likely, being little Amy.

Here’s hoping that Amy doesn’t take her grandmother’s words to heart, and that she continues to heal from all that unbelievable badness her family has put her through.

Source: celebweddings