Amy Duggar and Dillon King painted a picture of their relationship on Friday.

And it wasn’t very pretty.

The couple’s romantic woes were thrown into the stark spotlight on the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp, which opened with the 19 Kids and Counting alum and her husband talking behind closed bedroom doors.

“I swear, if that’s how you talk, I don’t know if this is going to work,” Duggar threatened, previewing the sort of problems that would soon come into even greater focus.

The following day, each half of all the couples involved on the show were tasked with an exercise in which they decided (as a pair) which one was more at fault for certain issues in their relationships.

Sounds totally healthy and like there’s no chance this exercise will backfire in any way, right?

The problems were written on plates and the individual deemed to be the most significant offender was then instructed to break the plate.

Got that, Dillon and Amy?

The controversial stars almost immediately agreed that King was to blame for their communication issues.

Amy noted how her husband struggled with his tone at times, and Dillon more or less agreed… while the tone that got him in trouble to begin with!

Dillon claimed it was a “subconscious” habit, to which Amy shouted back, “That’s worse!”

Later on during the episode, Amy and Dillon selected communication as the biggest obstacle in their marriage.

Everyone else on the show voted the same, by unanimous consent.

This meant that Dillon, as the main culprit, received a pie in the face. And when it didn’t hit the target squarely enough, Amy went ahead and rubbed it in a lot more.

How sweet, right? Literally, we mean. Because pie is sweet.

Amy and Dillon have been open for awhile now about the difficulties in their relationship.

You can’t exactly pretend you’re an idyllic couple when you agree to go on Marriage Boot Camp, can we?

They got married in September of 2015 and then disappeared from the spotlight for several months, a rare move for anyone in this scandal-filled family.

In a preview for this season of the WEtv series, Duggar tells a castmate that King was assaulted her.

They’ve taken various shots at each other on air ever since episodes premiered.

But still. Nothing prepared viewers for what Amy said to Dillon on Friday night.

After seemingly resolving some of their issues, Duggar and King ended up back in their bedroom. And that’s when the disturbing exchange took place.

“It sucks being treated like a child!” she yelled Dillon.

Her husband replied by telling Amy she was being “overdramatic.”

This is never a good thing to tell a woman, and Duggar fired back as follows:

“When you treat me like a child, I feel like I’m being raped by an older man!” 

Ummm, yikes?!?

We don’t want to judge any relationship too harshly, even when it comes to those who choose to be under the microscope o a reality television show.


… when you feel as if you husband is raping you, that may simply be it. You may simply need to reevalute everything on the spot and call a divorce attorney ASAP.

Do you agree?

Do you think Dillon and Amy have a future?

Heck, should they have a future?

Sound off now!

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