Amy Roloff has shared a new/very old and cute photo of her and her twin boys.

And it has resulted in some major Matt Roloff backlash for no discernible reason whatsoever.

Allow us to explain…

On Wednesday, Amy shared a totally adorable and sort of shocking throwback picture of herself and her twins, Zach and Jeremy.

(Yep, their twins, even though the former was born with dwarfism – just like his parents – and the latter was not. Interesting, huh?)

In the sweet image, it appears as if Amy just got at least one of her sons out of the bath and is drying him off… while the other is on the floor, attempting to crawl.

It was obviously snapped decades ago.

“Yep! All my kids are my life then as they are now,” wrote the Little People, Big World matriarch at a caption, adding:

“These twin boys were a hoot and now look at them. Jeremy and Zachary I’m so proud of you and love you forever and always.”

Take a look at the sentimental snapshot here:

Some Instagram users took a look at this image and simply commented on how it’s very precious and pretty hilarious.

“One helluva mommy Amy it had to have been a challenge to take care of 4 children, love you,” wrote someone named Betty Tucker, for instance.

A few others, however, used this photo as a reason to GO OFF on Matt Roloff. For some strange reason.

Just consider this response:

And this one:

Why is Matt Roloff a “bad person” simply because Amy gave us a glimpse at her life as a mother many, many years ago?

We have absolutely no idea.

The prevailing notion, as best as we can guess, is that TLC viewers are angry about Matt’s divorce from Amy, even though it seemed perfectly amicable at the time.

They finalized their legal split in May of 2016, several months after making a joint announcement that reads as follows:

After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful business.

Neither reality star asked for spousal support and both continue to be main cast members in Little People, Big World.

It truly seems like an amicable break-up.

HOWEVER, Matt has been dating Caryn Chandler for over a year now – and she formerly worked as a manager at the family farm.

Amy supporters are therefore bitter and angry that Matt would begin a romance with someone who knows Amy fairly well.

And it’s true that this appears to have created a bit of tension between the former spouses, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Heck, Amy herself is in a very serious relationship with Chris Marek (below); she certainly isn’t missing Matt at all these days.

She’s never said a bad word about Matt in public and vice versa.

Might this be an imaginary feud?

Might some fans be a little too invested in a romance that fell apart years ago?

Might it actually be a tad bit sexist to slam Matt in the ways some people did above, the implication being that Amy is some poor, weak, scorned woman… as opposed to a perfectly strong and steady individual who has moved on from her marriage and holds no resentment?

Just a few questions to ponder.

We see no reason to stir up any controversy between Amy and Matt when none seems to exist.

Can’t the former just share a sweet throwback photo of her sons without it inciting a Matt-hating riot?

Source: celebweddings