Last week, we saw something so wonderful and lovely and uplifting …

We saw Amber Portwood canoodling with a guy who was most definitely not Matt Baier: meaning that there’s a good chance she’s finally done with that creeper.

Of course, Matt is still running his mouth about Amber to anyone who will listen, which isn’t a great sign.

But right now, let’s not dwell on the fact that Matt could slither his way back into her life at any time.

Instead, let’s dwell on the new guy with the cowboy hat who seems to have Amber pretty darn smitten!

So far, all we know about the guy is that his name is Andrew, and he’s 33 years old.

He lives in L.A. and works in television production, and Amber met him when she was out there filming Marriage Boot Camp in June.

We also know that he’s said to be filming for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, so that should be interesting.

But thanks to a new report from E! News, we have a bunch of additional information about Andrew — for example, we now know that his full name is Andrew Glennon.

While we knew that he met Amber while she was in L.A. filming Marriage Boot Camp, this new report claims that he was actually working on the show.

A source explains that “It makes sense Amber and Andrew grew close during filming.”

“Her relationship with Matt was in bad shape and when you’re shooting a show like this where there is a lot of heightened emotion, participants bond with the crew.”

But even though they “grew close” while she was filming the show with Matt, “nothing happened” during that time.

The source insists that “she didn’t cheat.”

What happened was, while they were filming, “Andrew noticed Amber before she noticed him,” he waited until filming had ended before he reached out to her.

When he did, “She and Matt were broken up and she invited him to come visit.”

Just a few weeks after that, he did come visit, and “he’s been with her ever since. It’s been a longer stay than either of them expected.”

And see, that part is a little weird, because that’s exactly what Matt did — he came to visit and he never, ever left.

Filming ended at beginning of July, so if he came to visit after that, that means he’s been staying with her for nearly a month.

Like, Amber, girl, it’s OK to take things slow sometimes. It is possible to form a serious relationship without moving your boyfriend in immediately.

He’s able to spend so much time with her because, although he does have a steady career in production, he usually works “gig to gig.”

He’s also “a little bit nerdy,” but Amber “likes that about him. She sounds very happy.”

She also “loves” that he’s “really tall, well over 6 feet.”

Well, if he’s really tall, why wouldn’t she move him in after the first date, right?

We’re happy for you, Amber, but just take it easy. That’s all.

Source: celebweddings