Audrey Roloff has made a few controversial statements over the years.

Remember when she likened marriage to war, writing that entering this union is akin to stepping on to a “battlefield?”

Explained the Little People, Big World star at the time:

“What are you doing to protect your marriage against the dangers of, porn, workaholism, worry, pride, stress, fear, loss, addiction, comparison, social media, emotional cheating, that girl at the gym, in-laws, hormones, or idolizing your kids?”

In giant, bold font, Roloff added about a year ago:


A few months later, Roloff recommended reciting one’s wedding vows while having sex (with the person to whom you originally said the vows, we presume.)

Audrey said she did this on her honeymoon with husband Jeremy and it was, like, the most “intimate” thing ever.

And eventually it led to Audrey getting pregnant, so there must be something behind the unconventional idea.

The couple is expecting its first child this summer.

Here’s a look at the reality star’s very pregnant belly, courtesy of her Instagram account:

Late last week, meanwhile, Audrey came out with another set of remarks that may have taken a few fans aback.

But while these did center on her marriage, they did not involve any kind of unusual sex advice.

Instead, Audrey wrote on social media that she and Jeremy have… moved! They’ve decided to be closer to be family by buying a home in Portland!

“We are officially homeowners!!!! What a day, week, and month it’s been,” the 25-year-old wrote as a caption to the following image, adding:

“C-R-A-Z-Y. But today was move-in day, and we are thankful and excited for new beginnings… in more ways that one.”

Audrey and Jeremy previously resided in Bend, Oregon, about three-and-a-half hours away from any family members.

On a recent episode of their family’s smash hit TLC series, the two sat down in their kitchen and talked about their future options, most notable where they wanted to raise their own family.

They said at the time (see the clip above) that they were content living in Bend, yet Audrey’s pregnancy quickly changed their viewpoint.

“I’m more inclined to raise a family closer to the farm and our families cause I thought that was always what we wanted,” Audrey told Jeremy.

However, Jeremy was concerned that moving to the Portland area would be awkward and challenging, considering Amy and Matt Roloff are now divorced.

Moreover, the stars of Little People, Big World are involved in relationships with other people: Amy is dating someone named Chris Marek and Matt is with his Caryn Chandler.

Jeremy explained that it’s uncomfortable for him as their son to be around that type of environment.

“It’s a broken family,” he sadly said.

So, what convinced him to make the move?

A desire for his child to grow up close to his twin brother Zach’s child.

(Zach and his wife Tori just recently welcomed their first baby into the world, a boy named Jackson.)

Pretty sweet, right?

Despite a few scandals having hit this family over the past few months, including Jacob Roloff constantly slamming his relatives, it’s nice to see Jeremy keeping his impending child in mind here and doing what’s best for the little one.

For the latest Little People, Big World happenings, check out last Tuesday night’s episode below!

UPDATE: This is what Audrey wrote on Instagram of the decision to move…

Last night was out last night in our beloved Bend home… The decision to leave Bend was not made without MANY long, intense, and tearful conversations.

Ultimately, Jeremy lead us in the decision to move back to Portland to be close to our families and the farm with baby girl on the way – eliminating the copious amounts of back and forth we’ve been doing over the past two years….

Moving is always hard. Not just physically, but emotionally – and not just because I’m 6 months pregnant. I have a tough time leaving places that hold so many sweet memories.

I think Bend will always feel like home to us. I’m brimming with thankfulness as I reflect back on all of the ways that the Lord has provided for us, refined us, grown us, blessed us, and worked through/in us during our time in Bend. The hardest part about moving is hands down leaving our community.

Our house church family in Bend is truly the most honest, generous, vulnerable, encouraging, accountable, God-fearing, spirit-lead, and Jesus loving group of people I’ve ever been given the privilege to do life with.

To say our faith has been stretched and strengthened these past few years is a staggering understatement. I am torn between excitement and sadness – to be expected with such transitional times in life.

Nevertheless, Jeremy and I topped off a full day of packing with some pizza on our empty bedroom floor, a tearful (on my end) illumination of the past two years, and a prayer for all that lies on the road ahead.

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