Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans married David Eason in a small ceremony in the couple’s backyard.

MTV camera crews were on hand, of course, but one important person in Jenelle’s life was noticeably absent.

Barbara Evans was not invited to her daughter’s wedding.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans believed the notoriously hard-hearted Jenelle would eventually soften and extend a last-minute invitation for her controversial mother.

But it didn’t happen, and Babs was not on hand to see her Jenelle marry for the second time.

The main reason for the enmity between mother and daughter is the ongoing custody battle for Jace, Jenelle’s eldest child.

Jenelle signed over primary custody of Jace shortly after he was born, and she’s been fighting to get him back for the past several years.

Barbara believes that Jenelle is still incapable of providing Jace with a stable home environment, and many TM2 fans – and, more importantly, the courts – agree.

Unfortunately for Babs, it seems standing her ground has done irreparable damage to her relationship with her daughter.

“I’m dead to her,” Barbara said in a recent interview with Radar Online.

“I texted her the morning of the wedding. I sent emojis of hearts, kisses, a frown and tears in my eyes. That’s all I have to say.”

Sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words.

But in this case, the favorite mode of expression of Millennials everywhere proved insufficient.

It seems Barbara has no delusions about why her daughter has cut ties.

“She said, ‘You’re not invited to the wedding because you won’t give back Jace,'” Babs said of her most recent conversation with her daughter.

“It’s not about her or me; it’s about Jace.”

Barbara says she was so distraught upon realizing Jenelle really wouldn’t allow her to attend the wedding that she left town:

“I’m very devastated that I wasn’t invited to the wedding,” Barbara told Radar.

“I am out of town. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t be around. I’ve been crying.”

“To do this to me it is heart-wrenching,” Evans added.

“If this is what she chooses – to alienate me out of her life – so be it.”

Barbara also revealed that while custody of Jace is the primary point of contention, she believes that Jenelle has been poisoned against by her new husband.

“I think David planned it that way,” Evans said. “David has alienated me from Jenelle.”

Barbara went on to state that she believes the battle for custody of Jace will only get uglier from here.

But she added that she won’t be bullied into giving up:

“She’s coming back with a vengeance,” Evans said.

“I knew that from the day I walked out of court. But you know what? I will do anything it takes to make sure Jace is not in that house with David.

Sounds like the Battle of the Evans Women is about to get even more brutal.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Barbara and Jenelle’s tumultuous relationship.

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