It’s been quite a tumultuous year for Ben Affleck.

2017 began with news that Affleck had completed rehab and attained sobriety again after relapsing following more than a decade of sobriety.

Sadly, it seems Ben’s battle with the bottle didn’t end there.

Radar Online is reporting that Affleck recently checked back into rehab, marking his third stint this year.

Insiders say the Oscar-winner was encouraged to seek treatment by his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and his brother, Casey Affleck.

“Ben relapsed,” a source tells the site.

“Jen and Casey are willing to try anything, and they don’t care if the methods are controversial.”

The “controversial methods” remark refers to Ben’s choice of treatment facility.

Affleck reportedly checked into Passages Malibu, which eschews the traditional 12-step method in favor of an “unorthodox holistic” approach to addiction.

Ben had previously been enrolled in an out-patient program, but according to a source close the actor, he recently decided that he needs a “constant support network” in order to remain sober.

Passages encourages patients to remain in treatment for a minimum of 45 days, and since Ben was first spotted at the facility on December 10, it seems he’ll remain at the facility through the holidays.

The source was unable to say for certain if Affleck will be able to see his three kids on Christmas, but notes that he is free to come and go from treatment as he sees fit:

“Ben isn’t a prisoner and is fully committed to seeing his children and fulfilling his work commitments outside the center,” the insider tells Radar.

Rumors that Ben was once again struggling with alcoholism began over the summer when he was spotted drinking with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, once while traveling in New England, and again during a trip to her hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Shortly thereafter, Ben began his outpatient program, but it seems he felt he needed a more comprehensive approach to the problem.

Those who know him best say Affleck has been despondent over newly-surfaced reports about his past behavior.

Recent accusations of Affleck groping female colleagues and generally behaving inappropriately prior to his marriage have reportedly taken a considerable emotional toll on the 45-year-old.

Here’s hoping Ben is able to finally find a method of treatment that works for him.

Source: celebweddings