It’s been nearly two years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner separated, and we still have no clue what the hell is really going on with these two.

They both dragged their feet on legally ending the marriage for so long that for a while, it was widely assumed they would get back together.

Last week, however, reported that Garner had decided to file for divorce from Affleck surfaced in a number of reliable media outlets.

So why is it that Affleck now appears to be moving back in with his estranged wife?

Yes, according to Radar Online, Ben and Jen are once again cohabiting, a move that many are taking as a sign that Bennifer 2.0 is officially back on.

“This is what Jen has been praying for,” a source tells the website.

“She never wanted a divorce, but felt she had no other options. Finally, Ben has sobered up enough to come home.”

Insiders say Ben’s “man cave” is being redesigned to serve as a play space for the couple’s three children.

“The kids are thrilled Daddy is finally back,” an insider claims.

“The three of them — and Jen — are only hoping that this time it’s for good.”

Fans of the couple are encouraged by another sign that the move is permanent:

Affleck’s Cadillac, two Mercedes and a vintage Chevrolet have all returned to the family garage.

Affleck’s drinking was reportedly one of the main causes of his and Garner’s separation, and those closest to the couple say it had been a point of contention for several years.

Now, he’s apparently been on the wagon long enough to convince Jen that he’s done with the benders for good.

(Although who’s to say what would’ve happened had Tom Brady and company failed to complete that overtime comeback!)

Skeptics will point out that it often looked as though booze was far from the couple’s only issue.

Ben was caught cheating with Christine Ouzounian, who was formerly emplyed as a nanny by the couple, and Jen reportedly took issue with his compulsive gambling.

Of course, all of that impulsive behavior may have been linked to Ben’s boozing.

Whatever the case, the couple will now have to contend with the issue of Ben’s giant phoenix tattoo.

We wish them the best, but we’re not sure any marriage can survive something like that.

Source: celebweddings