After Blac Chyna took her kids to Legoland without any sign of Rob Kardashian, a lot of people were worried that they weren’t managing to get along.

Not even well enough for shared outings with Dream, it looked like.

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, since the three of them went to Disneyland for Father’s Day. Look at how sweet they look!

This is super cute.

Chyna and Rob have a super complicated relationship with all sorts of baggage.

Sometimes they can’t seem to stand each other.

Other times, it’s clear that Rob Kardashian wants Blac Chyna back.

But they also have Dream, who needs to always take priority.

We’re not saying that they’re necessarily trying to use a little Disney magic to rekindle their relationship.

Though Minnie Mouse probably isn’t the worst marriage counselor they could have.

They’re probably just trying to make this arrangement work for Dream.

That’s what being a parent is supposed to be all about.

Disneyland is a good choice.

It might not have the exact same setup as Disney World, but it has the undeniable advantage of not being in Florida.

Southern California may be a desert hellscape, but Florida is a swampy hellscape.

And, again, it’s Florida.

Also, obviously, Disneyland is just way the frick-frack closer to where they live.

Perhaps more to the point, a theme park is a great choice when the parents are having issues.

A public venue makes this pair of celebrity exes way less likely to bicker or whatever, if that was a concern.

Social awareness can do wonders to keep everybody on their best behavior.

Though, Blac Chyna was at Rob Kardashian’s 30th birthday party, so maybe they’re getting along better than it sometimes appears.

Even if it did look like Minnie was making some moves on Rob.

Mickey’s watching, girl.

You know what? 

With this Disneyland trip for context, we think that we know what Legoland was all about.

That trip wasn’t just Chyna and Dream — King, Chyna’s son with Tyga — was also there.

It can be hard enough for older siblings when the new baby is born and everything’s suddenly about the baby.

Now imagine that your baby sibling is a Kardashian, with all of that baggage.

Blac Chyna must feel constant pressure to reassure King while including Rob in her life … and also not making King feel like Rob is his new stepdad.

Taking King on Rob’s Father’s Day trip would have been all sorts of weird.

But you know what else is weird? Going to Disneyland without your son.

So it looks like Legoland, just a week earlier, was a great way to head off that awkwardness and keep things fair.

Of course, Dream still got to go to two theme parks, but she’s a baby so it’s super not the same.

Honestly, Dream is too young to remember any of this, but her happiness still matters.

And even without conscious memories, she needs to have regular, positive experiences with her parents as she grows up in order to bond healthily.

So “making memories” still matters, even if she’s too young to actually remember.

Also, it’ll be neat for her to get to see the pictures when she’s older.

It’ll be especially neat for her if Rob and Chyna get back together and stay that way, but we shouldn’t view this photo as proof of anything other than a pleasant day out.

In a few years, she’ll be old enough to actually appreciate Disneyland.

Right now, she probably hasn’t even seen a Disney movie.

Talk about fake fans!


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