If at first you succeed… try, try again anyway?

This may be the unofficial new motto of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, based on a bombshell celebrity gossip report.

Having only just welcomed a daughter into the world in November, the irritating reality TV stars are reportedly planning to expand their family once again in the very near future.

Not only are Rob and Chyna tying for a second child, they are “desperately” trying for a second child, according to Radar Online.

This seems to run counter to Chyna’s incessant social media posting, as she’s been talking non-stop over the past month or so about her weight loss ambitions.

Alleges a Radar Online source who most definitely exists and was not made up by the website:

“Chyna really, really wants to have another baby right away. She does not want to wait until after the wedding. She wants that baby now!”

Got that, people? RIGHT THIS SECOND!

You better get to some unprotected banging, Rob.

To most women, of course, the thought of having sex at all within two months of giving birth seems even crazier than electing Donald Trump as President of the United States.

But Blac Chyna is not most women.

She must think that a second kid will make it that much harder for Kris Jenner and company to kick her out of the family.

If you’ll recall, Chyna tried to trademark her soon-to-be new name, Angela Kardashian, late last year… only to be slapped with a legal letter from Rob’s sisters, fearful that Chyna would destroy their brand.

There was also talk over Chyna being uninvited from the Kardashian Christmas party.

“At this point, Rob’s family just really thinks that Blac Chyna is something else,” a source tells Radar.

Along these distrustful lines, the insider says Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have suspicions over why Chyna would want to get pregnant again so quickly.

“They almost believe that her intentions at this point are to have more children so that she can increase the child support that she will get if she abandons Rob!”

Maybe? Possibly? Conceivably?

The only problem with this line of reasoning would be that it implies Rob makes a lot more money than Chyna – and there’s no real evidence to back up that assertion.

Rob’s sock line isn’t exactly setting the star up for retirement.

Whether or not a second child is on the way, we can confirm that a second season of Rob and Chyna’s horribly scripted reality series has received a green light from E!.

Kris Jenner is a producer of the show.

So if Chyna really is concerned about remaining in her good graces, she doesn’t need to get knocked up any time soon.

She just needs to keep cranking out that cash.

Soon enough, she’ll become Jenner’s favorite child.

Source: celebweddings