Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are back to being on good terms.

And Blac Chyna is back to showing off her post-baby body for all to see on social media.

The reality star, whose status with Kardashian seemingly changes by the hour, has shared several new photos on Instagram, each of which features her posing alongside a Rolls Royce.

And each of which features an impressive figure for someone who only gave birth a couple months ago.

The mother of Dream Kardashian (and also of a young boy with ex-boyfriend Tyga) is wearing a low-cut black velvet gown with a thigh-slit in all three photos; the two posted below and the one above.

Chyna didn’t include a caption with any of the revealing images, but her followers have plenty to say about the snapshots.

“You GO Gurlfriend,” wrote one enthusiastic supporter.

“I wish I was Rob,” another said, making him or her the first person to ever utter such a remark.

The whole issue of one’s weight have been a well, weighty one for both Chyna and Rob.

The latter has struggle with Diabetes and with remaining under 300 pounds, although he’s mostly made progress in this area ever since getting together with his fiancee.

Chyna, meanwhile, has been annoyingly talking about her NEED to shed weight ever since she gave birth in November.

These pictures are merely the latest examples of Chyna proving to the world that she has nearly reached her goal.

Just over two weeks after becoming a mother for the second time, Chyna posted multiple snapshots of her slimmed-down shape, writing that she had (somehow) already lost 23 pounds.

She wanted to lose 39 more at that time, saying her goal is 130 pounds.

It’s unclear where she stands right now.

Nor do we care one bit.

But lots of folks out there are most assuredly very into Blac Chyna, her romance with Rob, her baby and even her body.

So it’s our duty to share these kinds of pictures.

Rob, meanwhile, just shared his own cute video of Chyna, helping to dispel any notion that this relationship is on the rocks.

The video depicts Chyna walking past a car and into her home, only for Rob to make a request.

“Quick! One time! Do it!” he says to his bride-to-be.

Meaning what, exactly? Meaning it’s time for a Blac Chyna Twerk! Check it out below!

Not bad.

We can understand why Rob finds it hard to be away from that booty for very long.

On a serious note, Rob and Chyna really need to grow up and find stable ground.

They can’t keep breaking up and getting back together and breaking up again and trashing each other in public.

Not when they are parents. Not when there’s this precious little girl waiting for them at home:

We hope you’re listening, Rob and Chyna.

For the sake of your daughter, we wish you the very best going forward.

Source: celebweddings