Last week, People revealed Blake Shelton as their pick for “Sexiest Man Alive,” leading many to wonder if someone at People had suffered a stroke or was perhaps being held hostage.

But though we all know of one — exactly one — person who thinks that Blake Shelton fits the bill: Gwen Stefani.

Well, now Blake and Gwen are reportedly trying something that could bring them even closer: getting pregnant.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton started dating in late 2015.

Gwen had split with Gavin Rossdale, reportedly after discovering that he was cheating with the nanny.

Here’s a tip, folks: if you’re going to leave an electronic trail of your adultery, maybe make sure that it’s not synched to all devices and that there’s no chance that your wife could just happen upon it.

Also, maybe don’t cheat on Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton had ended his relationship with Miranda Lambert.

Apparently, Miranda Lambert had cheated on Blake. (Supposedly, this has left him so emotionally wounded that he’s putting off marrying Gwen Stefani because of Miranda)

Of course, there were reports that Blake had also cheated on Miranda … but it appears that most of the Country Music subculture sided with Blake.

Anyway, it was over being cheated on that Gwen and Blake first bonded, after Gwen told her costars on The Voice about what had happened.

(Gwen might be a celebrity, but Gavin Rossdale was only her second-ever serious relationship, so cheating is a very big deal to her. And to lots of people)

The two come from two different worlds.

Gwen is a successful pop star and an icon, who taught the world to spell “bananas.”

Blake is a Country music star, which exists in its own world of trucks and beer and antiquated views of fragile masculinity that stopped being relevant in mainstream culture decades ago.

Despite all of that, they’ve really hit it off and have now been dating for two years.

And reports have suggested that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are focused on getting pregnant.

Now, there have been all sorts of rumors about these two.

Countless suggestions that they got secretly married, for one. (Though that’s been encouraged by things like Blake Shelton’s non-subtle wedding song)

For another, we’ve heard stories about them breaking up that, for better or for worse, didn’t pan out.

But now the stories of the two of them taking a stab at pregnancy are looking a lot realer.

InTouch Weekly reports that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are trying to get pregnant.

(They also report that Gavin Rossdale is getting super bitter about Blake’s role in the lives of his children, so this is unlikely to improve things)

This claim is further supported by Blake Shelton himself.

Blake was promoting his clothing line (titled “BS,” which are his initials but … he could have gone in a different direction with that) earlier this month when a fan asked him if he and Gwen were going to have any kids.

“I hope. We will see.”

He could have just told the fan that it was none of their business.

So … they’re not even keeping it a secret anymore.

But Gwen Stefani is 48, folks.

She was 42 when she had her youngest, but … a lot can change in a person’s body in six years.

Sure, the two of them are trying, but there’s no guarantee that she and the alleged “Sexiest Man Alive” can produce a baby.

You’d think that they’d just adopt, especially since a pregnancy at Gwen’s age could produce serious risks for her and for the baby, but apparently Blake wants a biological child.

And apparently Gwen is so besotted that she’s willing to go along with it.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t end in tragedy.

Source: celebweddings