Sometimes Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are so cute they make you want to vomit, you know?

But like, in a good way.

It’s just so sweet how they found love after what seemed like such painful, dramatic divorces — remember, Blake split with Miranda Lambert, Gwen dumped Gavin Rossdale, and they were together just a few months later.

Every single time we see a photo of the two of them or hear them talk about each other, or even when we just hear a random report about them, we can’t help but smile.

Because of the cuteness.

And if you’re the same way, then Blake’s brand new music video will probably just destroy you.

Blake released the video for his song “I’ll Name the Dogs” yesterday, and it’s … well, it’s so precious it hurts.

Check it out, you’ll see what we mean:

Did you watch it?! Are you done crying all the happy tears yet?!

Good, then let’s start talking about how the song is almost definitely about Gwen!

Looking at the lyrics, it’s clear that Blake is singing about a woman he wants to marry: “I’m talking about you and me with the same street name, same last name, same everything.”

Throughout the song, he paints the most adorable picture of his ideal life together with this woman.

“Laying next to you every night sounds like a damn good life,” he croons.

As for the title of the song, he suggests all the different roles the couple could take — “You name the babies,” he sings, “and I’ll name the dogs.”

So this is a song about his love for this woman, a love so deep that he wants to marry her and have children with her.

It’s got to be about Gwen, right?!

If you still have your doubts, then just pair the lyrics with the video, which, by the way, features appearances by Gwen’s actual children.

If that’s not a sign, then what is?

But hey, you may still be doubtful, and that’s fine.

To convince you — or to push you over the edge, if you don’t need convincing — check out this report about Gwen’s reaction to the music video!

A source tells Hollywood Life that “Gwen cried the first time she saw the finished video.”

“The combination of the romantic lyrics that Blake sings just for her, seeing her boys on screen, and the surprise twist of it being an older couple getting married hit her right in the heart.”

“It was so emotional for her in so many ways,” the source adds.

Us too, us too!

The source claims that “She and Blake always talk about how they’re going to grow old together, that was the inspiration behind the surprise twist of having the bride and groom be seniors.”

“Between that and seeing her boys onscreen looking so grown up it was impossible for her not to cry.”

“She’s beyond proud of Blake and so honored that he sings such a beautiful song for her,” the source says, “she feels like the luckiest woman in the world right now.”

So, are they getting married now or …

Source: celebweddings