It’s only been six weeks since Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin broke up, but it seems she’s had no trouble moving on with someone new.

Javi “ditched” Briana after her recent plastic surgery session in Miami, and he later explained that it was because her baby daddy Devoin Austin unexpectedly showed up.

But it seems it’s not Devoin or Javi who’s on Briana’s mind these days.

No, fans are convinced that that honor belongs to the man known to Teen Mom 2 fans only as Dre.

Dre is an ex of Briana’s, and her latest social media posts have viewers convinced they’ve gotten back together.

On Valentine’s Day, Bri posted a photo of herself and Dre on Snapchat.

She captioned the pic, “Spa day!”

Needless to say, the timing and the nature of the image led many to the conclusion that Briana and Dre are more than just friends.

Dre seemed to verify that they’re an item when he tweeted “Ima make a great step daddy” in response to fan speculation.

That seemed to pretty much confirm what fans already expected, but amazingly Bri says they’ve got it all wrong:

“I’m so annoyed at these reports,” she told Blasting News Wednesday.

“I am not with Dre. He is a friend. He was a friend before my relationship with Javi and after. That’s all there is to it — friends and nothing more.”

The crazy thing is – there’s a very good chance she’s telling the truth.

In all likelihood, Briana is not dating Dre.

But that doesn’t mean her Valentine’s Day posts were entirely innocent.

After all, Briana’s breakup with Javi was an ugly one, and she’s not above the occasional act of revenge.

After all, many still believe that she only dated Javi to get back at Kailyn Lowry.

So could she now be using Dre to get back at Javi?

We don’t know for sure, but this cast seems less like they’re on a reality show and more like they’re on a particularly bonkers soap opera every day.

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