You might know Brie Bella from Total Divas or from WWE or you might not know her at all. It happens.

But you’re going to want to see her absolutely incredible post-baby body.

Suffice it to say that most people don’t have this kind of figure ever in their lives.

The Bella Twins are pretty darn famous within the world of professional wrestling.

They’re a wrestling tag team, made up of Brie Bella and Nikki Bella.

What’s more, Nikki Bella is in a relationship with wrestling superstar, actor, and living meme John Cena.

(In fact, fans saw Nikki and John Cena’s Wrestlemania proposal just last year)

Brie Bella, in the mean time, is married to Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Lloyd Danielson), who’s retired from wrestling but is currently the on-screen General Manager of SmackDown Live.

Nine months ago, Brie Bella gave birth to her child with Daniel Bryan.

The sweet baby girl, named Birdie Joe Danielson, is absolutely adorable and photogenic.

(In fact, as you’ll see in some photos below, Birdie almost looks like a Pixar creation rather than a Brie and Brian creation — and to be clear, we mean that in a she-looks-too-cute-to-be-real way)

We’ve seen a few celebrity moms lose their baby weight almost immediately. But most people aren’t Kim Kardashian. Most are, you know, humans.

We’ve recently seen Katherine Heigl’s weight-loss journey after giving birth for the first time, and though she looks incredible, her 14-month journey to getting back into acting shape is a more realistic time frame.

So look at how Brie Bella looks, nine months after giving birth:

She. Looks. Stunning.

Not only do her abs look rock-hard while her entire figure looks trim …

(Though that is certainly the case)

… But Brie had another hurdle to cross as she recovered from Birdie’s birth.

Her sweet daughter entered this world via emergency C-Section in May of 2017.

For months, doctor’s orders prevented Brie from exercising as she is accustomed to doing. Her road to recovery was longer than most.

(Take a look at this mother and daughter — aren’t they the cutest?!)

Fans commented under the pic of Brie Bella’s incredible post-baby bod.

“Beautiful picture!!”

Very true.

“Thank You for being real.”

Not everyone shows their journey like this, but Brie’s opened up about how she felt out of shape in the first few months after delivery.

“Thanku for showing the struggle of real post baby body. We don’t all snap back the day after delivery. U r looking fab!”

Such a nice message.

“Isn’t it amazing what the female body can do,”

There are people who would criticize Brie Bella for sharing this image at all — because not everyone regains their pre-baby body.


Hips are rearranged, hormones change how fat is stored. Sometimes hair color even changes (weird, I know).

But honestly, telling Brie to cover up is just another form of body-shaming, and that’s not acceptable. She’s free to show as much or little of her body as she sees fit, whether it’s to showcase weight loss or admit how long it took her to get back to where she had been.

Good for her.

Source: celebweddings