Weddings are complicated. You have to pick the date, the venue, the menu, the seating arrangement, the decorations, the cake, …

Oh, and which million-dollar deal you’ll make for your wedding to also be a TV special.

That’s what Cardi B and her new fiance, Offset, are trying to decide.

We know that they say that your average little girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day, which says a lot about how weirdly people socialize their children.

But the actual planning of your wedding doesn’t usually happen until you’re engaged.

And even then, unless you’re part of the Duggar fertility cult or something like that, those “plans” usually take the form of vague notions during your engagement.

Not so for Cardi B and Offset, it seems.

Cardi B, of course, is the rapper whose smash hit, “Bodak Yellow,” managed to upset Taylor Swift’s domination of the music world.

Offset might sound like a name out of The Handmaid’s Tale, but he’s actually a hip-hop artist.

And he’s now engaged to Cardi B, having proposed to her just last week.

(Proposing to her while her career is at its height — good for them, you know?)

On Friday night, Offset got down on one knee and proposed to Cardi B.

They were on stage at the Philly Powerhouse performance.

Even though Cardi B had briefly posted that she was “single” just a week before revising that, she said yes.

Some fans are concerned.

For one thing, Offset might be trying to boost his career by latching onto hers. Her career, in the meantime, might suffer.

For another, public proposals are actually super creepy — unless you talk about them in advance.

The genuine surprise proposals made in the middle of a restaurant or on stage or in front of friends and family … those often feel like the one who planned it is blackmailing the other person into saying yes, for politeness’ sake.

Not everyone who does something like that is trying to be manipulative, of course, but there are some men who know what they’re doing when they pull that move.

Finally, fans are a little alarmed that a relationship that had briefly seemed over the previous week had suddenly become an engagement.

Regardless, though, a Cardi B wedding is going to be a big deal.

TMZ reports that a Cardi B and Offset wedding special is being pursued by VH1, BET, and WE tv.

Apparently, each network is vying to win a chance to turn the couple’s future wedding into a TV special.

The potential entertainment value for these channels and for their viewers is obvious.

For Cardi B and Offset? They could be making a deal worth as much as $1 million.

They’ll have to decide which network — if any — they want poking around their special day. There’s a lot to consider.

But … that’s a great situation to be in, right?

First of all, that’s an amazing deal. The inconvenience of cameras is no big deal compared to getting paid as much as seven figures for doing something that you can do anyway.

Also, weddings are pretty darn expensive. Celebrity weddings even more so.

A big payday for a special like this could really make a difference.

In fact, you might even say that the cost of this couple’s wedding might be … offset.


Source: celebweddings