As DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios proved this summer, sometimes sex on Bachelor in Paradise can lead to threats of a lawsuit and the shutdown of production amidst rape allegations.

Other times, however, it can lead to true love… a marriage… and even a baby in a baby carriage!

Isn’t that right, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass?

The couple, who met on the set of this Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoff and then got engaged on the third season finale, made a major announcement on Sunday:

There will soon be a baby on board!

“SECRET IS OUT GUYS!!!! Evan and I are SO EXCITED to announce we are HAVING A BABY!!!” Carly wrote on Instagram, adding:

“What a beautiful, wonderful, wild year it has been and the adventure continues Feb 2018!”

Bass and Waddell exchanged vows just two months ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The ceremony was officiated by none other than Chris Harrison.

“We had a dream wedding on Saturday. It was truly the perfect day with friends and family in Mexico,” the newlyweds told People Magazine (the same outlet that broke this pregnancy news) at the time.

While Bachelor in Paradise is known more for drunken hook-ups than truly romantic entanglements, Evan and Carly changed that perception a bit last year.

Just consider the former’s on-air proposal, during which he said the following:

“Carly, our life in Paradise has been nothing short of epic. My love for you has only gotten stronger.

“And the love I feel from you is the most amazing, inexplicable, mind-blowing thing that I just never in a million years thought I would get.

“I feel like my heart beats to your soul.”

Did anyone else just experience ALL THE FEELINGS?

The wedding between these Bachelor in Paradise alums was scheduled to air during the upcoming fourth season.

However, those plans were scrapped after the aforementioned scandal between Olympios and Jackson, which resulted in an internal investigation that eventually put to rest all talk of sexual misconduct.

Season 4 is now set to premiere on August 14.

A few weeks ago, Bass wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter in which he said this controversy “broke his heart,” explaining why as follows:

While to some it’s a silly TV show, for me, it was an experience that changed my life in unimaginable ways.

For me, I will be forever grateful to Paradise for guiding me to an incredible stepmother to my own children.

Pretty darn sweet, huh?

We send Carly and Evan nothing but our very best wishes!

Source: celebweddings