Carrie Underwood — she’s beautiful, and we all know her as “that woman who’s a Country singer but not the one who had a sitcom and not the one who cheated on Blake Shelton.”

But while you can pretty much rely upon Carrie Underwood to serve up looks on the runway, it turns out that there’s more to her than singing talent and an eye for a captivating dress.

She looks unbearably good in a bikini.

Carrie Underwood captioned the photo:

“Sunshine = [check] Lake = [check] @caliabycarrie swimsuit = [check] Happiness and love for time with family and friends = [5 checks]”

Don’t worry — she very much posted the photo of herself in the swimsuit.

It’s from her own collection, of course — what good is being famous and hot without branding?

She didn’t limit herself to a checklist.

“Summertime is all about love … love for people, love for the outdoors, and love for living in the moment! Get out there and relax! [5 hearts] PS: #NoFilter”

We don’t see much to love about summertime, when the oppressive heat and the glowing hate orb rule the day (and the heat lingers overnight).

But we see plenty to love about the photo that Carrie posted along with that line.

Dang, girl!

Save some of that hotness for the rest of us!

No, but seriously.

Carrie Underwood can clearly rock a bikini.

Anybody can have a bikini body, don’t get us wrong.

(Just have a body and put a bikini on it — tah-dah!)

But not everyone can so easily look so stunning while wearing one.

She’s showing off abs, nicely toned arms, and legs for days.

We don’t even normally think of apricot or peach or salmon as great colors for swimsuits unless your skin is super dark, as Carrie’s is definitely not.

But she still looks amazing.

Carrie Underwood’s been having a reasonably good year.

She took home a couple of awards at the Country Music Awards.

While rumors last year had Carrie Underwood heading for divorce from her husband, Mike Fisher, that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

In fact, the couple celebrated their seven year wedding anniversary just a little over a week ago.

If they ever did split up, she could get anyone she wanted — because she looks incredible and is just the total package, right?

But, clearly, Mike Fisher would have to be nuts to let her go.

We may not be big on loving the outdoors during the summer …

(And we’re not crazy about living in the moment, either — when we can agonize over any and all future scenarios while planning out our lives during our every waking moment that isn’t spent regretting the past)

… But we’re totally here for her summer message: relax.

If you go on vacation, please actually enjoy it.

Vacations aren’t for torturing yourself with nonstop activities that you’re doing out of a misguided sense of obligation.

Just … chill.

(Preferably with some air conditioning, unless you love summer weather as much as Carrie Underwood clearly does)

Source: celebweddings