Earlier today, we reported on one of the stranger Teen Mom social media controversies in recent memory.

It all began when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra began discussing their desire to have a third child on Twitter.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why a married couple would need to have such a conversation on social media rather than, ya know, face-to-face, but while the parental figures of the Teen Mom franchise love ’em some free publicity, we doubt the Baltierras expected this:

Things started out innocently enough, with Catelynn tweeting:

“Wahhh I’m ready for another baby @TylerBaltierra.”

Tyler (or T-Balz, as we like to call him) wrote back, “Me too babe.”

That’s when Catelynn made the (arguably unfortunate) decision to tweet the following photo:

She captioned the image:

“Proud to announce a new baby Baltierra @tylerbaltierramtv.”

Clearly it was a joke, but if you’ve looked at a calendar recently, you know that it’s 2017, and 2017 is the year in which everyone gets pissed off about everything.

A number of fans didn’t think the joke was funny for a number of reasons.

Some thought Lowell was really pregnant and … felt let down, we guess?

Others thought the joke was insensitive to those who struggled with infertility.

Still others blamed Tyler and Catelynn for that Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.

Okay, we’re joking about that last part, but in all seriousness, a good number of fans were legitimately outraged, and Tyler responded by basically informing them that he’d run out of f–ks to give long, long ago:

“Apparently the world can’t take jokes anymore…don’t worry #TeenMomOG will be back on the air soon so we can disappoint you some more,” Tyler tweeted.

“I actually love all of those critics. The fake profile pics & repetitive insults based on the lack of creativity…they just crack me up.”

Asked if he could see how some might have thought the joke was insensitive, Tyler responded:

“Yes, I’m the lowest piece of s–t, insensitive, entitled, asshole & a sorry excuse of a human being & I shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.”

Man, when that guy does sarcasm, he does sarcasm.

For her part, Catelynn responded in a very different and much, much more confusing way:

“Why don’t u just go back to ur real family?” she tweeted.

“Not like we have mattered anyways.. to u it’s just the thought that mattered”

Uh … we really have no idea as to what that might mean.

We’re thinking Catelynn meant to subtweet someone, but instead she just tossed that bad boy out there with no context.

Of course, we think it’s safe to say she wasn’t in a great mood when she wrote it, so you can be sure it will lead to more rumors about Catelynn and Tyler getting divorced.

This has been Teen Mom Twitter Theater.

Tune in the next time something pops off, which should be in 20 minutes or so.

Source: celebweddings