Last month, reports that Tyler Baltierra was cheating on Catelynn Lowell began to circulate on social media.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine the starting point of such rumors, but in this case it all started with Tyler himself.

Baltierra joked that he and Catelynn cheat on each other, but since sarcasm goes over on the Internet about as well as climate science at a Trump rally, the remark was not well received.

Fans either missed the joke or accused him of being insensitive for making it.

The former group apparently thought that Baltierra actually chose to first come clean about his own infidelity and then accuse his wife of cheating – all on Twitter.

The latter group understands that Tyler is joking, but thinks it’s insensitive, considering Catelynn recently left rehab after being treated for various emotional and psychological issues.

Yes, they’re actually telling him what sort of jokes he’s allowed to make with his wife.

Anyway, both groups are now scrutinizing the couple’s every move in search of signs of trouble, and they believe they’ve found one in this Instagram photo uploaded today by Amber Portwood:

As you can see, the Baltierras aren’t posed quite as affectionately as the other couples.

Naturally, the Dr. Phil/Sherlock Holmes hybrids of the Internet took it upon themselves to offer some unsolicited couples counseling based on this single image:

“Weird Tyler doesn’t touch his wife,” one fan commented.

“It’s sad really. He seems like, ‘I’m stuck with her’ attitude lately,” wrote another.

Some fans claimed their beliefe that Tyler and Catelynn are headed for divorce was based not only on this photo, but also on their recent social media interactions.

Again, we can’t stress enough that the exchanged fans went nuts over were clearly made in jest.

Here’s a sample quote from Tyler:

“Well it goes both ways. Sometimes I booze while she cheats, sometimes she’ll booze while I cheat. It just depends on the day of the week.”

That’s not a tweet from a guy who’s marriage is in trouble.

That’s a tweet from a guy who’s having some fun f–king with fans.

We can’t say we blame him.

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Just maybe keep your psychological insights to yourself.

Source: celebweddings