Ever since Chad Johnson appeared on appeared on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise last summer, he has cemented himself as one of the most polarizing figures to ever grace reality TV. 

With his devilish good looks and fiery attitude, he kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout both shows he appeared in. The odd thing about his appearance on Bachelor in Paradise was that he claimed he wanted to show the real him. 

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you will know he did not make the best impression. He was drunk from the get-go and may or may not have pooped his pants.

He then became embroiled in an argument with host Chris Harrison when he gave him the pink slip from the luxury house. 

He even went as far as mocking fellow cast member Sarah Herron’s arm. In short, he is not a good person, and the likelihood of him ever appearing on a Bachelor franchise series again is pretty much nil. 

Fast forward a few months, and Corinne Olympios was welcomed into Bachelor Nation with open arms. 

With her good looks and platinum vagine, viewers questioned whether she and Chad would make a good couple. Like, could you imagine the two of them in the same house causing all of the drama?

It would make for an exciting reality TV series. There’s no denying that, but Chad has come out and dashed all of those dreams by saying he would never hook up with the blonde beauty. 

Speaking to US Weekly at the premiere for Famously Single Season 2 at Avenue in Los Angeles, Chad opened up about his thoughts on the potential pairing. 

“People kept pushing that, but that wouldn’t have happened anyway. I have a type.”

“It’s not her. There’s a certain look I go for, a certain attitude and I don’t really like her attitude or look.”

Despite not wanting to hook up with her, Chad was quick to point out that he did not harbor any bad feelings for her. 

“She’s a good person, fantastic person I’m sure,” he added.

“She’s just not my type. I thought if I did go on we would have had some funny banter, but it’s not like we would have come out of that married, you know what I mean? We could have been friends.”

So, there you have it, Bachelor Nation. Chad thinks he and Corinne could have fun, but nothing more. 

Oh, and Chad is part of the cast for the new season of Famously Single, which returns to E! this Sunday. 

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