When we think of the Teen Mom franchise, we often think of the attention-grabbing trainwrecks like Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

But we like to think it’s the more stable, less psychotic moms who have kept fans coming back all these years.

At the moment, it’s hard to think of a more beloved TM couple than Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea and Cole got married back in October, and their first child together is due in February.

There’s been the usual amount of fan scrutiny surrounding Chelsea’s pregnancy, and for the most part, Chelsea has been game to offer regular social media updates to her many fans.

We know the baby’s gender (It’s a boy!); we’ve seen Chelsea’s baby bump photos, and we even know the exact due date (February 14).

But there’s one detail Chelsea refuses to divulge:

Fans have been clamoring for the kid’s name, but the Housk won’t go any further than revealing that it’s something truly original.

“We do have a name picked out but we’re not going to announce it until he’s born but yeah, it’s been pretty funny to see the names people come up with,” Chelsea WetPaint during a recent interview.

She added that she’s had a good laugh at fans’ attempts to try and guess the mysterious moniker: 

“Cole Jr., Randall – that’s not even my dad’s name, it’s Randy, it’s not Randall!”

Chelsea has no problem offering fans a couple hints, but she seems confident that no one will guess her future bundle of joy’s name ahead of the big day:

“Last names as first names are my favorite!” Chelsea wrote on Twitter. 

“The name we picked is actually a fairly common last name that we’ve seen but rarely [heard as] a first name…We want something that we don’t hear much.”

She stated on Twitter that she and Cole both love the name they’ve chosen, but the selection process wasn’t always smooth sailing.

She revealed that at one point, she was pushing for the name Knox, but Cole was having none of it.

Source: celebweddings