It would be hard to name a celebrity couple more lovable than John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Because, come on … it’s John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

John is so talented and adorable, Chrissy is so beautiful and so real. They’re a truly wonderful match.

Who could forget that delightful moment when Chrissy revealed that she didn’t realize John could see her butthole in certain sex positions?

Or what about the time that he told us all that she’d been teaching their adorable daughter, Luna, how to mock him?

And speaking of their adorable daughter Luna, seriously, have you even seen her?

They’re just the best, the very best, and that’s why it was so upsetting earlier this week when we heard that there may be some trouble over there in that lovely paradise.

According to that tragic new report from In Touch, Chrissy and John “are having real marriage problems.”

So many problems, in fact, that “They have been in marriage counseling for the last six months.”

Their alleged issues include Chrissy’s admitted drinking problem, as well as her struggle with postpartum depression.

Because if we’re to believe this report, John is willing to end their marriage and tear their family apart because of issues Chrissy developed after carrying and giving birth to their child.

See why we called this mess “tragic”?

“They are fighting nonstop,” the report continued.

But, on the bright side, “They’re trying very hard to make their marriage work.”

The whole thing is very depressing, and while we wouldn’t imagine it to be true, we wouldn’t have imagined many celebrity splits that have happened this year.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris? Fergie and Josh Duhamel?

It’s a bad time to be a long-lasting celeb couple.

However, before you get too upset, know that Chrissy has addressed this rumor not once, but twice.

And both statements are, in typical Chrissy Teigen fashion, simply delightful.

First, she shared a photo of the In Touch cover on Instagram — the cover that advertised an “exclusive” about “Chrissy & John: On the Brink of Splitting.”

“Oh in touch go f-ck yourselves, you exclusively dumb pieces of trash,” she wrote in the caption.

Then yesterday, paparazzi got video of Chrissy and little Luna leaving LAX, and they managed to get a few colorful comments out of her.

First, a photographer told her that if she and John did ever split, he’d “lose all faith in love.”

In response, she laughed and said “We’re not even close!”

He asked her why people are writing things about their split then, if they’re so happily married, and she said “Well, In Touch is f-ckin’ stupid.”

She also said that she has “no idea” where they get their stories from, but maybe “They’re bored. No news. Slow news day.”

Chrissy, gem that she is, then revealed the secret to successful Hollywood relationships: “I think enjoying yourself, having fun, realizing it’s all bullsh-t.”

Oh, girl. Never change.

Not that you would.

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