Christina El Moussa may no longer be married to Tarek El Moussa.

But she’s still all about family.

Or two members of her family at least.

On Thursday, the Flip or Flop co-host shared a photo to Instagram of some fresh new ink she now has on her wrist.

The two tattoos are in honor of six-year old daughter Taylor and one-year old son Brayden and El Moussa wrote the following as a caption to the snapshot:

“Been wanting this for a long time. No time like the present. #taylorreese #braydenjames.”

As you can see here, Christina has honored her children by permanently etching their birthdays in roman numerals on her skin.

On Snapchat, she also took fans behind the scenes of the tattoos by posting the following image:

Christina shares custody of Taylor and Brayden with estranged husband Tarek.

The two separated last May and filed for divorce in December.

Most fans presumed HGTV would cancel Flip or Flop in light of this development, but the network recently ordered additional episodes of the series; it will now run all the way through 2017.

Despite (or maybe because of) the awkward status of its co-hosts, the program has seen its ratings shoot up over the past couple months.

Tarek and Christina, meanwhile, have tried to maintain an amicable relationship.

They’ve said all the right things in public about putting their children first and leaving the past behind them and wishing the best for their former other halves.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, for example, Christina said in March of Tarek:

“Tarek and I are in a good spot. We have a lot of things that we’re working on, cool things coming in the future, so we’re just looking forward.”

And then Tarek went ahead and paid tribute to Christina on Mother’s Day this month.

“I’m a day late and a dollar short… but… I want to wish Christina a happy Mother’s Day Tay and Bray love her to the moon and back!” he wrote as a caption to the picture below.

Very nice sentiment, right?

But while we’re sure Tarek meant well, cracks in the facade of kindness between him and Christina do show up on occasion.

A few days ago, for example, Tarek made a joke about the time last spring when he grabbed a gun and stormed into the woods following an argument with Christina.

And Christina basically responded to it by calling Tarek out on his BS and telling him to shut up.

Not in so many words.

But she was clearly annoyed that he made fun of a rather serious incident; one that involved her calling 911 because she was afraid of what Tarek might do with a gun.

This passive aggressive bickering isn’t great for raising two kids.

But it’s really great for viewers of Flip or Flop and even better for editors of a celebrity gossip site!

Keep it going, Tarek and Christina! Never stop!

Source: celebweddings