Sometimes, when you got into a coffee shop, an angry customer is ranting against white discrimination.

Other times when you go into a coffee shop, however, you bear witness to an encounter that is so unexpected and so romantic that you simply must live-Tweet its every detail for your 1,188 followers.

This is what happened to Twitter user @notjerryclayton.

His string of descriptions regarding a barista and a fellow employee inside of an establishment at which he was the only patron has gone viral…

… and you’re about to see why!

1. The love story begins…

Typical tale, really: Guy meets overpriced latte. Girl admits a crush to another Guy. The first Guy gets excited to tell Twitter all about it.

2. Might this be more than a mere crush?

Six months?!? That’s somewhere between a crush and true love.


Whoa. He made a run for it?!? And never returned? Or to ponder his return romantic gesture? Keep reading to find out!

4. What to do… What to do…

There’s a possible wedding and kids and grandkids at stake here… but sometimes a guy just needs a refill!

5. Phew. One problem solved.

But another is still awaiting an answer.

6. He’s back! And…

HOLY $HIT, indeed! It is true love!

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